How Reading Habits in America are Changing

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Guest Opportunity: Howard VanEs – Self-Publishing Expert, Amazon Best Selling Author and President of “Let’s write Books, Inc.”

From the mother who instantly downloads an eBook for their five-year old daughter while waiting in the dentist office, to the commuter who is listening to an audiobook on their way to work, to a person loading multiple books onto a Kindle device as they get ready for vacation, the way we are reading books is dramatically changing.

Underlying this shift in reading habits has been the introduction of the digital platforms such as Kindle or ePUB which make the access to books almost instantaneous. The digital platform also makes it easier for publishers to create books in different formats from paperback to eBook to audiobook and hardback. Anyone with a smartphone, computer, or tablet can easily download a book and start reading, almost anywhere in the world!

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