How to Craft Compelling Characters

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How to Craft Compelling Characters

Guest Opportunity: Randy Weir — Fictional Crime Writer, Well Known Novelist, and Author of the “Jarvis Mann Detective” Series

Writing a legendary story is not easy. The premise has to be on point, the plot and subplots need to be seamlessly weaved in, and the cast of characters need to jump off the page as if the account is not of ink-and-paper creatures but of flesh-and-blood people and their real-life story.

Certain techniques are required to will our characters to life. We need to draw on the unconscious, memory and the imagination until our characters begin to act of their own accord. What are the first steps to character creation?

Fictional Crime Writer Randy Weir uses his insight to explain the process of creating compelling characters and how he came up with the concept for his soon to be released, “The Front Range Butcher: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel.”

Randy Weir can answer the following questions:

* How do you begin to create a fictional character?

* How is this character named and inserted into a story?

* How did you come up with this concept for your series?

* What is the next book in this series and when will it arrive?

***The Front Range Butcher: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel is #7 in the Series and will be released on March 27th! Pre-sale Available Now at***

Meet Randy Weir:

* Independent Writer

* Fascinating Storyteller and Fictional Novelist

* Best Selling Author of “Jarvis Mann Detective” Series

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