Guest -Frosty Wooldridge-Illegal Immigrants Posing Health Risks

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Guest Opportunity: Frosty Wooldridge—Population-Immigration-Environmental Specialist, Political Activist, Speaking Expert As Seen on NBC and Author ofAmerica on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans

Do illegal immigrants pose a health risk? Yes, they do! Illegal aliens bring us thousands of cases of TB, hepatitis, leprosy and other deadly diseases. Our children are at risk as 1.1 million unscreened illegal alien kids attend our schools.

Let’s face it, tuberculosis is a bad disease. So it is a known fact that those who enter our country illegally are not screened for TB (or other diseases). And this should be of concern to all of us. What is the likelihood that those who enter the country illegally pose a real health risk to the American population?

Frosty Wooldridge uses his experience to elaborate on the population numbers in America and what they all mean moving forward. Should we be concerned?

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