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Letter to American Jews

For the last twelve years I have been very much interested and involved in American politics and events (although I reside in Europe) because I have absolutely no doubt – even with all its shortcomings – that without American success and power, the world will be very much worse off.

Since the forthcoming presidential election is as important for the survival of the American Republic as the 2016 one, someone must point out the obvious to the very delusional 70% of American Jews before it is too late.

American Jews always intrigued me because you invariably support the Democrat party irrespective of who and what its leader or even its agenda may be. You have been doing so reflexively for almost 100 years regardless of the totally racist history of the party starting from before the civil war.

Based upon my observations during these eventful years, I realised that the success of the Democrat party elites in captivating Jews is based on their very efficient but totally deceptive propaganda:

Democrats subdivided the American people into Blacks, Jews, Latinos, Asians, Poor, etc. telling each group that they are victims of racist and bigoted Republicans and White supremacists. They indoctrinated them (with the help of leftist Academia and Fake Media) into believing that the Democrat party is the only one that can defend, protect and elevate them.

They succeeded to such an incredible degree, that most American Jews (at least 70%) are on the Democrat Plantation Emotionally more than anything else since the majority of you are successful financially and academically but unfortunately, not rationally.

Although I have been relentlessly addressing the issues of Black Americans and others, I find the case of American Jews much more fascinating and frightening because you are now supporting a Democrat party that has mutated form the party of the underdog of the 1950s into a Racist, Fascist, Anarchist Democrat party full of unabashed and upfront Jew haters in 2020.

 Let me share with you the events that transpired before and since Donald J Trump became President of the USA to prove my point of irrationality.

Over 70% of American Jews helped elect Barack Hussein Obama, twice for the presidency of the USA just because he was Black and Jews instinctively sided with underdog.

You also Supported the election of Hillary Clinton because she was going to continue in the footsteps of Obama.

Your silence was deafening when “the Black Messiah” Obama did the following:

  1. He declared repeatedly from 2008 that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel but he never intended to move the US Embassy to it although this has been on the congressional record since 1995. Invariably, embassies are located in the capitals of the countries.
  2. He went on a tour of the Muslim countries not only apologising for alleged American misdeeds but he publicly supported the Muslim Brotherhood
  3. He allowed members of CAIR (Council on America-Islamic Relations) to have very high positions in the Intelligence, Homeland and Military services
  4. He deliberately forbade all of the United States military, police and intelligence services from ever associating Islam with terror
  5. When the Muslim officer, Nidal Hasan slaughtered 13 American soldiers and wounded 30 in fort Hood on 5thNovember 2009 Obama made sure, not to associate the mass murder with Jihad and instead, forced the department of Defence to declared it “work place violence”; an obscene insult to the dead Americans and their families.
  6. He repeatedly called for Israel to return to her indefensible 1967 borders
  7. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars interfering in the internal affairs of the State of Israel to help remove Benjamin Netanyahu
  8. He used the instruments of the government to spy on, defame, investigate and threaten American citizens who do not agree with him
  9. He signed the despicable Nuclear accord with the Ayatollahs who not only hate Americans, but especially Jews
  10. He aided and abetted the terrorist Ayatollahs regime with $150,000,000,000 plus almost $2,000,000,000 in cash
  11. He, adding insult to injury, deliberately supported the anti-Israel UN resolution 2334 making Judea and Samaria illegitimately occupied territories just days before he vacated the White House.
  12. We are finding out now that Obama and his henchmen in the FBI and CIA were deliberately, deceiving, undermining and attempting to overthrow the newly elected D J Trump.

Not once did you say anything. Not once. You kept your mouths shut because he was Black, the perceived underdog.

You were again silent when Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party elites embraced the Jew haters Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, throwing you all under the bus, thus paying you back in spades for your 100 years of support.

This is the party that tolerates and associates with Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam who hate all Americans who are not Muslims and especially “termite Jews”.

Remarkably, one of three items that I agree with Muhammad, the mentor of Islam when he declared 1400 years ago that:

Silence means CONSENT

Then comes a White President, Donald J Trump and all of a sudden, your mouths are not only open, but also full of torrents of insults and vindictiveness upon him, no matter what he says, does or achieves as if he were Satan incarnate.

You have been criticising, second guessing and condemning DJ Trump for keeping the following promises and actions:

  1. Most of you did not agree with his “America First” concept as if it were a National Socialistidea. Every single leader on Earth worth a grain of salt, must make sure that his/her country is primal in their psyche. This is patriotism, not nationalism.
  2. Before the Chinese unleashed Corona upon the world, Donald Trump had made the best American economy in the last 50 years
  3. The least number of unemployed Blacks, Hispanics and Asians
  4. The least number of people on benefits
  5. The greatest productivity in recent memory
  6. The most powerful military
  7. You were shocked and upset at his audacity, when Trump forced the Europeans to fork out billions in their own defence, instead of having American taxpayers foot their bill. You intimated he is undermining NATO when in fact he was achieving the exact opposite.
  8. You sided with the clueless leftists, when he removed the USA from climate change as if the USA is the primary source on Earth of CO2 production
  9. You were against him when he allowed fracking, oil and gas productions to be accessible so that the USA will never again be held hostage to the wills of Muslims, Arabs or anyone else
  10. You followed the herd mentality regarding AOC’s Green New Deal, as if this would stop the Earth being destroyed in the next 12 years without it
  11. You castigated him for keeping his promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and grieving that this will start a Muslim apocalypse. You were 100% wrong like all the Democrats and so called ‘experts’ who asserted the same. You joined the unthinking herd.
  12. You trembled when he got out of the despicable and insane Iranian Nuclear deal siding with Trump’s enemies when in fact his action was and is the best to stop the terrorist Ayatollahs getting Nuclear Weapons.

On every single item listed above YOU were wrong.

You have been ungrateful while Trump:

  1. Had the best UN representative, Nikki Haley, who put terror in the hearts of America’s enemies by never mincing her words
  2. Destroyed ISIS
  3. Increased loans to Israel to nearly $4 billion that are needed for combined research and development for both the USA and Israel
  4. He stopped hundreds of millions of unforgivably wasted aid to states that hate the USA such as Pakistan and the so called Palestinians
  5. He defunded UNRWA whose books use anti-Jews arithmetic, twisted history and contorted reality
  6. You never object when Trumps’ opponents in the Fake Media, Academia and Politics accuse him of being a Racist and a Nazi when he has children, grandchildren and in laws who are Jews.
  7. You support the worst enemies of Israel, the so called Jews of J Street, Bernie Sanders and Jewish Voices for Peace, who support the terrorists of Hamas and the PA.

How can any fair-minded and rational American, watching the wanton destruction, lootings, arsons, plundering and desecrations happening all over the mostly Democrat governed cities and states by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Muslims yet still believe that, the demonstrably senile and ill Joe Biden, can lead the USA instead of the dynamic, relentless workaholic and most certainly the best president in the last 60 years?

How can such Americans agree with Pelosi, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aiding, abetting and inciting such anarchy?

Can you not see that these events (Antifa & BLM) are a repeat performance of the Nazi Brown Shirts?

Did the Jews of Germany, France and every European country not assert that they were Europeans (Germans, French, British, etc.) first and Jews second? Nonetheless, most of them ended up in the extermination camps.

Do you not realise – based on the recent historical record – that when Law and Order (Donald J Trump) is replaced with Lawlessness and Disorder (Democrats and Leftists), not a single American is safe?

No matter what any of you may think of DJ Trump, should you not ponder how the 78 years old senile, inchoate, mumbling and very demonstrably ill Joe Biden can possibly lead the most demanding job in the world?

Even when Kamala Harris will most definitely replace him, how can any logical American think she is a better choice than Trump? Based on what of any of her achievements so far?

How is it possible for many of the most educated people in the USA to be so comatose to all Facts and Reality?

The future of the Republic, as to whether it will survive as a beacon of light to the world or be turned into a dark and desolate Socialist State, resides with the voters of

 “We the People”.

The question will be answered on the 3rd of November 2020

Can any reader find fault with anything I have pointed out?

IQ al Rassooli

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