Is Roof a psycho or terrorist?

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Dan Perkins


The dictionary defines a terrorist as, an individual that intends by their action to

intimidate or coerce a government, individuals or groups to modify their behavior

or politics. Roof said, the purpose of his killing, of the nine black people in the black

church in Charleston South Carolina what’s to start a racial war. I have no doubt that

he saw on TV the images of blacks fighting in Ferguson and Baltimore and he

believed he had to do something to bring about change. His attack on the church was

to try and bring about change through intimidation.

Are his actions any different then the attackers at Fort Hood, Oklahoma, New Jersey

where individuals acted as lone wolfs with a political agenda. Charleston is nothing

like Ferguson Missouri or Baltimore, there’re were no police involved whose actions

came under fire from the black community because of believe miss treatment or

death of a black citizen. We have to be able to separate the terrorist from the other

killers like Sandy Hook who may very well have had serious mental problems.

The very nature of the attack advances the agenda of the terrorist, because of the

shooting in South Carolina the New York City police have a number of black

churches under surveillance to try and prevent any copycat that took place in

Charleston. Any attempts to compare what happened in Charlestown to what

happen in Ferguson or Baltimore this year is inappropriate. Our politicians, before

the funerals have been held, are already making comparisons and talking about gun

The politicians, including the president have missed the point. While it is terrible

that these nine people died it is important to understand why they died and if at all

possible what was the motivation of the terrorist. The gun used was not an assault

rifle it was a common handgun. The president, in his comments of Thursday seems

to imply that these types of killings we’re unique to America. Perhaps the president

misspoke or didn’t want to acknowledge the massacre in Paris of innocent civilians

at a newspaper by terrorist at Charlie Hebdo. Perhaps the president also forgot

about the shootings in the market in Paris where Jews were mowed down because

they we Jews. How about attacks in Canada, Australia and the thousands of

Christians killed in the Middle East because they were Christian. His credibility as a

healer is severely damaged by his comments on the various shootings in the United

States while at the same time not acknowledging about the attacks around the world

and implying that America is the bad guy. I’m greatly disturbed about the lack of

acknowledgement of the 1000+ shootings taking place in his home City of Chicago.

We can talk about the fact that this young man bought the gun on his own with

money given to him as birthday gift from his father. He used it in the church, in his

own words, to try and start a race war. It appears that the people of Charleston

South Carolina are not going to let their town turn into Baltimore. They have come

together to share their sorrow at the loss of a friend and neighbor and their sorrow

is not race based, it is based on compassion for another human being.

The attack in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, was, make no

mistake buy calling it something other that what it was, a terrorist attack.

Dan Perkins is a current events contributor to, he is the author of the

trilogy of the Brotherhood of the Red Nile which is a story of Middle Eastern

Terrorists attacking the United States with nuclear weapons. Mr. Perkins appears

regularly on radio and TV across the United States.

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