Jeff Yago 5/28/2020

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Over 10 years in the making, finally a book that calls out all the internet hype and explains in very easy to understand language exactly what an EMP and solar storm can, and can not do. After going over the basics, the book explains the damage this can do to the electric grid, vehicles, commuications, transportation, internet, computers, banking, credit cards, food and water distribution and our home appliances. The remainder of the book then goes into all the many low-cost ways you can reduce the risk to your own home, and how you can still have working electrical and electronic devices long as the grid is down and your generator has died.

Head to the Amazon bookstore using the link below and download your own copy today to see what this is all about. Afterall, this virus scare will soon be over, but the risk of a major grid down event will be with us as long as we use electricity! The book’s cover art and Foreword are also attached below.

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