Joe Yazbeck-Looking Inside a Coach’s Life

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Master Speaker. Leadership Expert and International Best-Selling Author of the innovative, “No Fear Speaking,” Joe Yazbeck will use his powerful message to elaborate on coaching as a meaningful service that is the basis for personal, professional and financial success.

The benefits of becoming a coach are both personal and professional. Individuals investigate coach training for different reasons.

Whatever your reason, the core competencies and skills you acquire during your training will have a positive impact on your life and in the lives of others. Be prepared for surprises in the way your whole life will change as you integrate coaching into your life.
Joe Yazbeck can address this by answering the following questions:
* Do you need passion to become a professional coach?
* What are some of the steps that need to be taken in order to become a coach?
* How does one prepare for the interaction among individuals?
* Why is developing a coaching outline integral for the attention of your audience or team?

Meet Joe Yazbeck:
* Founder, President, and CEO of Prestige Leadership Advisors
* Creator of Leaders Taking Action
* Leadership & Public Speaking Coach
* Expert on Media and Communications
* International Best-Selling Author of “No Fear Speaking,” which carries many endorsements including special recognition from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
* Internationally Known Master Speaker and Trainer
* Influential Leadership Development Specialist. He has been on 3 Global tours and has conducted Seminars in 14 different countries.
* Chairman of the major political party in Russia successfully promoted his book. He has since been invited to speak at their Senate, as well as South Africa in order to elaborate on leadership qualities.
* Serves the US military on the Board of Directors of the Successful Veterans Nonprofit Organization.
* Founded Music Production, Marketing and Artist Development Company, Heartbeat Productions

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