Jon Lee Grafton-18th Shadow Book Series

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As a marijuana legalization advocate, one issue he addresses in his writing is what he views as the failed war on drugs. This can be especially relevant this time of year since marijuana or cannabis is so often prescribed for conditions like depression and mood disorders that often worsen around the holidays.

“I want readers to consider the definitions of life as we know it, why current drug laws are in place and how they affect us every day,” Grafton said.

The 18th Shadow series features a dazzling futurescape filled with holograms and hovstreets, a heroine transformed by savage coyotes of cyborg legend, and a overarching battle for freedom and personal liberty. Elements of this sci-fi epic indulge readers’ fantasy for technology, telepathy, and all that goes with futuristic societies, while other threads of the story revolve around all-too-realistic plot points like a misguided war on drugs, the fight to decriminalize substances deemed illicit by a puritanical government and, of course, a Romeo-and-Juliet love story across the human-cyborg divide.

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