Kathleen Gage 4/9/2019

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About Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage is known as the “no-nonsense, common sense” business strategist, speaker, author, content marketer, and owner of Power Up For Profits.

Kathleen loves working with those who are on a mission and committed to raising their own personal bar.

Over the years, Kathleen has built a highly successful virtual business while often hopping on a plane to keep her audience’s laughing, crying and doing a lot of contemplative thinking with one of her power-packed keynote presentations Her breakout sessions are equally as impactful and jaw-dropping.

Kathleen has been an online marketer for over 20 years and owned her current business since 1994. During this time, she has gracefully (and sometimes not so gracefully) weathered the storms of the ups and downs of the economy, the Internet, and coming to terms that she, and only she, could determine the quality of her life based on the quality of her beliefs, actions and commitment to excellence.

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