Labor Day Guest Available: Is The Biden-Harris Presidential Ticket Preparing To Sell Out America To Fat Cat Big Union Bosses?

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The Union-label presidential ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who have promised an unprecedented expansion of union boss power if elected…

RIGHT TO WORK EXPERT: Mark Mix, is President of the National Right to Work Committee which is a 2.8 million member public policy organization. He also serves as President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

As Labor Day approaches,

· The union-label presidential ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who have promised an unprecedented expansion of union boss power if elected, including:

o Wiping out all 27 state Right to Work laws by federal fiat, a move that would force millions of additional private sector workers to pay tribute to union bosses or else be fired (Biden made this promise on video to Teamsters union officials),

o Passing the Card Check Forced Unionism bill which effectively eliminates the secret ballot election for unionization by mandating the coercive “card check” process nationwide, and also authorizes government bureaucrats to impose forced dues contracts over the objections of both workers and employers,

o Giving Big Labor a direct line into the White House including Biden using his DNC convention speech to promise “newly empowered labor unions” and promising to create a “cabinet-level working group that will solely focus on promoting union organizing and collective bargaining in the public and private sectors.”

· Big Labor’s multi-billion-dollar political war chest, padded with union dues paid by workers who would be fired if they refused to subsidize union activities.

o Union officials’ own filings show that in the 2018 cycle they spent over $2 billion on politics, including over $1.3 billion from forced dues-funded union general treasuries, and those numbers are expected to be even higher this year.

BIO: Mark became President of the Committee and Foundation in 2003. Under the leadership of Mr. Mix, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has continued to provide unparalleled free legal assistance to workers and has utilized cutting-edge legal strategies to protect workers from the abuses of compulsory unionism. Mr. Mix frequently appears on national television shows including Fox News Channel’s Your World: With Neil Cavuto, Glenn Beck and Fox & Friends, and has also appeared multiple times on CNBC and CNN. Mr. Mix also often serves as a guest on nationally-syndicated radio shows such as the The Lars Larson Show, Jason Lewis Show, Michael Reagan Show and the Jim Bohannon Show.

Similarly, Mr. Mix’s writings have appeared in national outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Investors Business Daily, Washington Examiner and National Review. His pieces have also been featured in widely-read regional publications across the country including the Detroit Free Press, the Orange County Register and the Detroit News. Mr. Mix is also a sought after speaker on political technology and grass-roots lobbying tactics. He often travels across the country, speaking and training participants in the political process.

Mark Mix holds a BA in Finance from James Madison University and an Associate Degree in Marketing from the State University of New York. Prior to joining the National Right to Work Committee in 1990, Mr. Mix worked for several state-level Right to Work groups. He joined the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation in 1999.



TWITTER: @RightToWork

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