Larry Tracy 7/25/2019

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How should you apply critical thinking when watching and drawing conclusions from Robert Mueller’s upcoming testimony in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees? As a former FBI agent of 23 years, I can tell you: I don’t expect many bombshells from Mueller’s testimony. Mueller is a man who says what he will do, and then does it; it’s his most admirable trait. He’s been clear about what he will and will not talk about, at least publicly, in front of Congress. He will talk about what is already in his report, including Trump’s alleged obstruction. He won’t say what he thinks of how Attorney General William Barr handled the report’s roll-out or anything else not in the report’s 500 or so pages; and, he certainly will not disclose whether he thinks obstruction could or should have been charged had the president been a private citizen. But I know a different side of Mueller – the one that suffers from the same Achilles Heel of law enforcement that James Comey suffered from. That is, a Mueller who believes in the supremacy of his own judgment.

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