Laura Mattia, Gender on Wall Street: Uncovering Opportunities for Women in Financial Services

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With more than 30 years of financial leadership experience, Laura Mattia PhD, MBA, CFP® talks about creating a new breed of financial planners and how’s she’s working to uncover opportunities for women in financial services. She is the author of the new book Gender on Wall Street.

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Only 23% of Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and 16% of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) in America are women

This percentage has not increased in over a decade…

Gender on Wall Street

Uncovering Opportunities for Women in Financial Services

With more than 30 years of financial leadership experience, Laura Mattia PhD, MBA, CFP® author of the new book, Gender on Wall Street will share with your listeners the reasons women working in the traditionally male populated financial industry have a harder time breaking through the glass ceiling. Workplace culture dictates few female leaders across all financial sectors.

Laura is a former senior financial executive for Fortune 500 firms (including M&M Mars), a wealth manager/owner of a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, and Professor of financial planning at the University of South Florida. She helps women identify career pitfalls, create game plans to transcend the limitations of workplace culture, and learn how to collaborate with their peers to create healthier work environments.

How can women succeed in an industry, which despite efforts, has not succeeded in supporting them to advance their careers? Laura argues that too many women who enter the industry get frustrated and leave too soon. The key is for women to be taught how to support each other and take their careers into their own hands.

Laura will talk about the necessary tools to have a rewarding career in finance and how to overcome gender specific challenges. She is calling for The Fifth Wave of the Women’s Movement which focuses on financial equity, critical to achieving gender equality.

Suggested Interview Topics and Questions:

* Laura’s unique perspective on the #MeToo movement

* Why women cannot wait for financial services firms to fix the gender disconnect in the profession

* How women can seize their financial careers through conscious engagement and strategic efforts

* Why women should force workplace change by creating a new culture

* Why female financial professionals may assume gender-specific challenges they encounter are due to their own shortcomings

* Why strategic career planning is critical to success; how individuals without a plan meander through their work life without priorities/purpose

* Why women who want to be successful in finance must fortify their personal brand with the highest level of technical skills

Laura Mattia, PhD, CFP® CDFA® CRPS® is a professor, researcher, author and adviser. Her financial expertise is a unique combination of advanced financial degrees and certifications and over 30 years of financial leadership experience as a CFO/Controller for fortune 500 companies and Wall Street firms; as a Wealth Manager/Owner for individuals preparing for retirement, and as a Finance Professor at universities. Dr. Mattia is the founder of Women’s Money Empowerment Network™, a community of women engaged in mastering money to improve their lives. The network provides education to women and mentorship to female financial advisers. She hosts an internet radio show, Women’s Money Empowerment Network™ with Laura Mattia and she is the author of a financial news column and financial workbooks used to educate women. Dr. Mattia’s workshops focus on teaching women how to make effective financial decisions and support female financial advisors to plan for success. Her research explores the gender gap in financial literacy and in financial leadership. Dr. Mattia is also the Program Director of a newly created Personal Financial Planning Program at Muma College of Business, University of South Florida where she has designed the degree to train a new breed of competent and ethical financial advisors. She received her Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning from Texas Tech University, a Masters in Business Administration in Accounting/Finance and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Montclair State University.

*A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to the “Empowering Women in Financial Services Scholarship” at Muma College of Business, University of South Florida.

Gender on Wall Street: Uncovering Opportunities for Women in Financial Services by Laura Mattia PhD, MBA, CFP®; Palgrave Macmillan; Publication Date: June 27, 2018; $34.99 Hardcover; 978-3-319-75549-6 Publication date: June 27, 2018.

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