Len Colodny, author of Silent Coup, and The Forty Years War

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1. Nixon setup a “Secret Government” on January 20th 1969, when he signed “NSDM2”.

2.Woodward/Haig relationship: http://www.watergate.com/Woodward-Haig-Connection/Woodward-Haig-Connection.aspx

3. That the Moorer/Radford “Spy Ring” is real, and ties Woodward to major players in the ring Welander Moorer, and Haig.
Link: http://www.watergate.com/Military-Spy-Ring/Military-Spy-Ring.aspx

4. Woodward uses “Deep Throat” as a cover
Link: http://www.watergate.com/Deep-Throat/Deep-Throat.aspx/

5. The foreign policy power fight that led to the “Coup” to force Nixon out.
Link: http://www.watergate.com/Introduces-Fritz-Kraemer/Introduces-Fritz-Kraemer.aspx

6. The removal of Nixon with no Impeachment and no trial in the Senate.
We ended up with an unelected President and Vice President, and no guilty verdict.

7.. Nixon did cover up Watergate break in working with Dean.

Silent Coup Link: http://www.watergate.com/SilentCoup/SilentCoup.aspx

8. “Colodny Collection” at Texas A & M Link: http://www.watergate.com/SilentCoup/SilentCoup.aspx

9.C-span Booknotes show “Silent Coup” 1991 link: http://www.c-span.org/video/?20346-1/book-discussion-silent-coup-removal-president

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