Loree Bischoff 11/9/2020

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Loree is the author of:
  • Common Sense Happiness, 5 Principles For People Who Want To Stop

       Whining, Bitching and Suffering

  • The Foodprint Plan, Your Blueprint for Creating a Healthy Eating Lifestyle on a Budget

You don’t have to be wealthy

to eat healthy! 

Common Sense Happiness became the winner in the motivational category of the 2012 Indie Excellence Book Awards.

The 5 Life A-Mazing Principles in Common Sense Happiness will help you find the sweet spot in life where you can be happy!

“Read this book. Follow the five simple principles and apply them to your life. No matter who you are or what challenges you face, this book will help you move past negativity and move into the beautiful life you deserve. The choice for happiness is yours… ‘Whatcha gonna do?'”

Terry ‘Hulk Hogan’ Bollea

August, 2011

Your “blueprint for building a healthy eating lifestyle on a budget.”


The Foodprint Plan is not a diet!  It shows you that everything you need to create a healthy eating lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or purchased at expensive health food stores.


The Foodprint Plan is designed to help you know what to buy, where to buy it and what to do with it once you have it.


Bonus: I even give you tools and guides that I use with my personal clients that will help you drill into your deepest, most compelling reasons for wanting to build a healthier eating lifestyle and your vision around what that ultimately looks like. 

Wellness on a budget is possible and the Foodprint Plan will show you how.

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