Mary Mann-7/11/2017

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One of the prize gifts from Down Under territory (Australia) is Mary Mann, making a return visit to the show…she earned a Ph.D. at Univ. of So. Calif. (USC) in 1982, so you can call her Dr. Mann if you’d like

She has become a highly-respected philosopher, thanks to the
success of books she’s written, “There Are No Enemies,”
and “The Construction of Tragedy” (relying on Aristotle’s
“Poetic” works) – ask her to discuss the highlights of each

she has also gained fame as a popular playwright, scoring points in this field notably with youth audiences

she grew up in Australia before settling in California several years ago (1966 to be exact)…she now resides in the L.A. area

she likes to remind audiences that the world is still celebrating the 100th anniversary of World War I which started in 1914 and lasted til 1918…her father,Willie Augustus Mann, was a big Australian war hero…she really knows her family history–she’s not shy in discussing this, so ask her about it

in her book, “There Are No Enemies,” she maps a plan for world peace – have her discuss her major strategies

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