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BIO: intro

** Dr. Melinda Sue Norin is the Marketing Director for the Book Publicists of Southern California (BPSC). She began her public relations career in the 70’s at Promotion in Motion, the book promotion company owned by the legendary Irwin Zucker of Hollywood.

** During Dr. Norin’s public relations days, she also worked with a retail outlet to attract business, Blue Cross insurance to create goodwill, a printing franchise to teach new business owners the art of community & media public relations.

** Dr. Norin has previously been on the Jiggy Jaguar show discussing Organizational Knowledge Management. As a consultant, Dr. Norin has trained thousands of representatives on government compliance issues. During that time she observed how companies pass along trainng knowledge effectively yet occasionally fail at sharing critical insight. She is currently revising her book, “It’s All Up Here, 25 Techniques to Improve Knowledge Management.”

** Dr. Norin earned her Doctoral Degree in Psychology with an expertise in Organizational Management and Consulting.

** Dr. Norin has received awards, certificates and recognition for her work with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Metro, the LA County/USC Medical Center, Ventura County, the City of Santa Monica, and the Los Angeles Unified School District representing some of the largest employers in the country.

** In 2016, Dr. Norin earned the coveted IRWIN Award from the Book Publicists of Southern California in the BEST NICHE CAMPAIGN category for her book and research on, “The Value and Application of Knowledge Management for Organizational Excellence.”

** Dr. Norin has been a frequent guest speaker for the American Society for Quality in Southern California.

** Today, Dr. Norin will be discussing the Psychological & Communication factors impacting success at work, in organizations and even in small businesses.


1. What is Knowledge Management and why are you interested in that particular topic?

2. How would a company benefit from understanding the Psychological Differences of their employees?

3. What are a few of the factors that influence communication in a business one might not think about?

4. How does an individual’s life’s events impact business communication?

5. What happens if a business does not recognize the importance of precise communication?

6. How do I know if another person is understanding what I am trying to say?

7. What final advice do you have for our listeners?

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