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Michael Bowker

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A quick CV on Michael Bowker

Michael grew up in Kansas, then attended the University of Washington in
Seattle. After gaining degrees in journalism and environment science, he moved
to Northern California and began work on a newspaper. Leaving after five years
to freelance, he ultimately wrote 4,500 articles and 20 non-fiction books before
writing “Gods of Our Time”. He has won more than 20 writing awards.
His work was published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, the Los Angeles
Times, Reader’s Digest, and more than 100 other publications. He has appeared
on various shows and documentaries on: ABC’s 20/20 and Dateline, CBS’s Good
Morning America, NBC, Oxygen, and many others.
He also worked as a speech writer and senior political consultant for a two-time
Mayor of Los Angeles.
Michael was once called to testify for 42 hours in front of the US Senate about
lethal practices of several giant corporations he uncovered in one of his books.
As a career journalist, he has written on human affairs, politics, sports, true crime,
the environment, finance and science. He also had a humor column for several
years in Santa Barbara, California.
Currently, he is writing a second novel and launching a new publishing company,
Sixty Degrees Publishing. “Sixty degrees is the ambient air temperature
butterflies need before they can fly,” he says. “This company provides that for
authors so they can spread their wings. It’s fun to see other writers reach their
He now lives and works in Santa Barbara.

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