Michael S. Oden

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What: An opportunity to discuss the book “When Nobody’s Home”- Reveal and Heal the Missing Pieces of Childhood Trauma and Painful Experiences.

Who: Behavioral Specialist, Communication Expert, International Speaker, Trainer and Workshop Facilitator and Author Michael S. Oden, M.A..

About Michael: He is an expert in behavior who for the past 20 years as a probation officer has helped thousands of clients (adults and teens) who struggle with abuse, low self-esteem, poor performance, addiction, or unhealthy relationships, turn their lives around.

Michael developed “The Needs Based Method®” and is the Founder of “Final Step International”, a behavioral awareness program that focuses on getting to the core of the individuals needs and helping the client shift those unhealthy behaviors that are preventing life rewarding achievements. Michael believes that once a person has gained Emotional Wellness they will be able to move forward and make healthier decisions throughout their lives without hesitation.

A book that covers many topics that includes Drug Abuse and Dependency, Criminal Thinking Styles, Coping with Substance Abuse, When Chemical Dependency Becomes a Survival Technique Mechanism and more…..

…sometimes we need to go through the darkness to get to the light and that it may be emotionally painful…”the Needs Based Method of [overcoming] alcohol and drug abuse,” and how Oden deals with the why dependency happens. Many can benefit from Oden’s eye-opening and highly successful method. –“the emotional, physical, or social absence of or ‘neglect’ by a caretaker, or when nobody’s home.”
—-US Review of Books

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