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New Novel Depicts the Chaotic Collapse of America’s Broken Healthcare System

Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” exposed unsafe conditions in the meat-packing industry, helping to launch food safety as major political issue. Mitchell Fronchen’s novel, “Dying to Save America”, may do the same for the U.S. health care system.

Bureaucrats rule people’s lives
Doctors increasingly unresponsive
Anxiety stirs up deep resentment
Lives put at risk
Innocent people die
Chaos rules
Violence erupts
Government officials assassinated
Finally, some in authority listen

Written in an intimate, first-person style, “Dying to Save America” opens with the line, I’m Hugh O’Neill have cancer, I have been given just a few weeks to live.” O’Neill’s story is a cautionary tale about what happens when someone is caught in a regulatory maze, dooming his chance to survive. O’Neill eventually decides that if he must suffer because of government incompetence, he will get revenge by killing a congressman. That brutal act of violence sparks and uprising that sets the scene for profound change..

SUMMARY: Government officials are being assassinated in “Dying to Save America,” an action-packed thriller by Mitchell Fronchen. The political blood-bath is sparked when a terminally ill man – whose cancer could have been cured if it had been diagnosed earlier – seeks revenge by killing a congressman involved in the failing “Fair Health Coverage” legislation, which is riddled with regulatory obstacles. News of the cancer-ridden man’s desperate and deadly action spawns copycat killings, and no senator, judge, or congressman is safe. The growing crisis eventually prompts some in authority to seek a genuine solution to the health care mess.

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