MONSTER CITY: Murder, Music & Mayhem in Nashville’s Dark Age

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Bestselling true-crime author Michael Arntfield

To most, Nashville, Tennessee is music’s most beloved city: the home for country’s biggest stars, concerts on every corner, and blissfully strolling down Lower Broadway in a colorful wake of flashing neon signs.

But Music City – a haven for aspiring musicians and magnet for country lovers – has a dark side!! A deep history of serial killings!

Now in the new book – MONSTER CITY: Murder, Music, and Mayhem in Nashville’s Dark Age – bestselling true crime author MICHAEL ARNTFIELD – describes the never-before-told true account of the serial killers who terrorized Nashville’s music scene for decades—and the cold-case Murder Squad determined to bring an end to their sadistic sprees.

You might recognize Michael Arntfield – he is also the host and producer of a true-crime series airing on both the Oxygen Network and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

MONSTER CITY: Murder, Music, and Mayhem in Nashville’s Dark Age (Little A; 9/04/18) is darkly nostalgic and hardboiled, exposing a city’s cultural history and a landmark work in popular criminology. It is a suspenseful and disturbing part-true crime, part-human interest story that will lead the reader through the “Fast Food Murders” and “Vandyland Murders,” permanently altering their view of Nashville.

Enter Pat Postiglione: a displaced New Yorker and Vietnam vet who suddenly finds himself a home in the heart of Dixie just as Nashville is riding the wave of “New Country” and when serial killers are arriving in instantaneous succession – a deadly orchestra slicing its way to center stage at the Grand Old Opry. As Pat soon becomes one of Nashville’s best cold-case detectives, he secretly forms an elite team to end Nashville’s serial-killing spree, better known as the Murder Squad. With his savvy crew and unwavering dedication to solving each bloody and horrific crime, Pat eventually goes on to solve more cold cases and arrest more serial killers than any cop currently living.

From Vanderbilt University to dive bars and out-of-the-way motels, Postiglione followed the bloody tracks of these ever-escalating crimes—each enacted by a different psychopath with the same intent: to murder without motive or remorse. But of all the investigations, of all the monsters Postiglione chased, few were as chilling, or as game changing, as the Rest Stop Killer: a homicidal trucker who turned the interstates into his trolling ground. Next stop, Nashville. But Postiglione was waiting.

About the Author: MICHAEL ARNTFIELD spent more than 15 years as a police officer and detective in Canada before going on to become a globally noted homicide scholar and criminologist, including a year spent as a visiting professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. There, he met retired Metro Nashville detective sergeant Pat Postiglione, and the vision for Monster City took shape. An industry-leading consultant on crime trends and emerging forensic methodologies, Arntfield is the author of more than a dozen books, including Mad City; he is also the host and producer of a true-crime series airing on both the Oxygen Network and the Oprah Winfrey Network, while he remains a professor of criminology at Western University in Canada. He lives with his family, who split their time between Canada and Florida. For more about the author, visit his website,

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