New Book Explores: Is Love The Missing Ingredient For Health?

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This book is personal and not medical. We know the human body is an amazing but complex machine
that breaks down suddenly or heals miraculously. A new book, written by two dear friends, tells an
amazing story of how love was used to heal one woman’s symptoms of bladder cancer.
The book, Healing by Contacting Your Cells, explores the spiritual side of healing. Barbara Wolf, co-
author, explains that the immune system requires love. All of one’s body needs love.
“We do know a healthy body requires good living patterns,” says Margaret Anderson, co-author. “A
minimizing of stress, proper nutrition, some exercise, and adequate rest are needed. Love should be
added to this list.”
Barbara and Margaret will enlighten listeners on the following:
 What it really takes to live a vibrant, healthy life.
 Your body can be helped by feeling connected to others and to live
consciously at each moment.
 Knowing the cells in the body have a consciousness and they react to all thoughts and emotions.
It is possible to communicate with the cells.
 Why we need to avoid anger, stress, fear, and conflict.
 Living consciously in each moment can help the body.
 The role a positive mind can play on our well-being.
Healing by Contacting Your Cells is also about a deep friendship, showing readers how one person can be
a lifesaver to another. The book is written as a series of email exchanges, giving the reader a feeling of
being right there in the room with the authors.
Margaret worked for many years in museums in the field of conservation of historic textiles and rugs.
Barbara, who has written many books, was a foreign television correspondent in Africa and the Middle
East. She now heads the Global Meditations Network, an online peace organization that works for Peace,
Love and Light throughout the world.

Contact Information: Media Connect
Adrienne Allen/ 917-957-5301/
Annie Ruehl/ 212-593-6469/

Suggested Interview Questions

1. What happened to the both of you that lead to the publication of a new book, Healing by
Contacting Your Cells?
2. You are not doctors, so how do you know love can heal the body of disease?
3. Tell us how you believe this works. You say that all cells are one and that it’s possible to
communicate with our cells. How?
4. If unloved cells can become sick cells, how do we make sure love gets to them?
5. You believe some illnesses come from stress. If the key is to develop good living habits, what
should we do?
6. How do we avoid stress, fear, anger, or conflict?
7. Can anyone get on a spiritual journey to wellness?
8. Barbara, you’ve traveled to India, Africa, and the Middle East, promoting peace. What have
other cultures taught you about health?
9. Margaret, you now believe the health of the individual is intertwined with the vibrancy and health
of the planet. How is this so?

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