New Featured Guest: Pain Release Expert & Sound Energy Healer

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Dawn Crystal, Pain Release Expert & Sound Energy Healer
Dawn Crystal Sound Healing ExpertPain Free Made Crystal Clear! My Sounds Unblock your Energy.
Interview Dawn Crystal, a pain release expert, to get your audience out of pain in ‘minutes’ over the air-waves, and to hear about her new book release: Pain Free Made Crystal Clear! (My Sounds Unblock your Energy).
Experience ‘voice’ sound healing to release emotional or physical pain in only ‘minutes’ over the air-waves!

Discover how the gift of ‘sound’ found Dawn Crystal when she became homeless at the lowest point of her life.

Experience Dawn Crystal’s healing through her ‘voice’ to clear your energy blocks that causes pain in the body. (Only takes minutes!!!)

Interview Dawn Crystal, Pain Release Expert & Sound Energy Healer, to discuss… Pain Free Crystal Clear book
Discover how sound frequency can heal your aches & pains in only ‘minutes’.
Discover sound healing as the most natural way to clear migraines & teeth or gum pain fast.
Discover sound healing to heal your children & your beloved pets aches & pains.
Skip all the drugs! Discover sound healing to heal all your injuries fast.
Discover sound healing to get you back on your feet ‘fast’ after surgeries.
Dawn Crystal Guest Expert Interview Credentials
Voice recognized sound energy healer.
Has helped thousands of people globally get out of emotional & physical pain ‘fast’ in minutes by phone or Skype.
Guest Expert Availability
By telephone: (808)268 6242
In person in Lahaina, Hawaii

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