New North Korea Nukes

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Is the American fear valid? Will the North Korea questions continue to plague the U.S.?

North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests and a series of missile launches, in defiance of United Nations sanctions, and is believed by experts and government officials to be working to develop nuclear-tipped missiles that could reach the United States.

Satellite imagery of North Korea’s main nuclear test site taken at the weekend indicates that Pyongyang could be in the final stages of preparations for a sixth nuclear test, a U.S. think tank reported on Tuesday.

As Seen on MSNBC and in WSJ (Wall Street Journal)

Veteran Newsman and Political Commentator

Donald Mazzella

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Donald Mazzella is a Veteran Newsman and Commentator, COO of Small Business Digest publications and Author of many books including “An American Family Sampler.” His experience allows him to elaborate on this trending story and open us up to what it all means.

About Donald Mazzella:

Donald P. Mazzella is a Political and Lifestyle Expert, who has been seen on MSNBC, Bloomberg and in WSJ (Wall Street Journal). He is COO of Information Strategies, Inc., a company that helps business managers improve profits. He currently oversees a print and Internet publication network centered around Small Business Digest with more than 3.2 million opt-in small business readers and healthcare industry stakeholders.

As a reporter, he has covered national and international events. He has held senior-level positions at McGraw-Hill, Thomson, and Essence Communications. Mr. Mazzella holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from NYU and has taught at that university as well as others. He has authored several books including his newest, “An American Family Sampler,” which is making plenty of waves throughout the publication sector.

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