New Patriotic Group Vows To Erect Two Monuments For Every One Taken Down Or Destroyed By The Frothing Unhinged Mob

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Boston removing statue depicting
freed slave kneeling before Lincoln…
World’s largest Confederate Monument
faces renewed calls for removal…

BALTIMORE: Mob Pulls Down City’s
Columbus Statue, Toss It Into Harbor…
Lincoln Statue With Kneeling Black Man
Becomes Target of Protests…

Black Leaders Call for Removal of
Washington Monument, Jefferson Monument…

MONUMENT PROTECTION EXPERT: David Thomas Roberts, is the founder of 2x Monuments and Roberts is a Publisher, Author and serial Entrepreneur and is the CEO of a Houston, Texas area technology firm focused on telecommunications.

Fund Organized to Erect Double the Historical Monuments Destroyed or Removed
ABOUT: A non-profit organization has been formed to counteract the removal and destruction of historical monuments across the United States. Twice the Monuments.Org (also known as 2xMonuments) is solely dedicated to doubling the number of historical statues, monuments, plaques and other memorials that are being removed, defaced or destroyed at a frenzied pace across the country.

2X Monuments founder, David Thomas Roberts stated, “We will answer this assault on our heritage and American exceptionalism with a massive reconstruction of destroyed or removed monuments on private land with public access.”

Roberts continued, “We are no longer to idly sit by and watch the mob culture deface and destroy our heritage or local and state politicians decide for their constituents what monuments stand without a public referendum. To date, we cannot identify a single instance where the issue about whether a statue, monument or flag remains on public property is put to a citizens’ vote.”

The organization plans to unite private landowners, artists and donors to preserve and expand the number of monuments across America.

“We will commission new statues and monuments from world-renowned sculptors and artists for those that are destroyed. In instances where a local government has removed statues, we will attempt to purchase them, and place them where they will be protected from vandals but with a deference to allow for public access,” claimed Roberts.

“We are actively recruiting private landowners and artists and the response has been tremendous. Our focus is on monuments that are in the most danger of being destroyed by local officials and giving them the opportunity to do the right thing and to not destroy or demolish works of art and heritage that mean so much to so many in the community.”

Roberts continued, “We have no paid staff. !00% of donations will go to this effort. Based on the early outpouring of support and commitment to donations so far, we expect this momentum to preserve our historical monuments to grow exponentially. America is tired of seeing mobs rip apart our heritage and local officials order police to stand down while it happens. We are committed to saving our history for future generations.”



TWITTER: @2Monuments

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