Nile Nickle 11/24/2020

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Nile Nickel is a self-made time tested LinkedIn Expert. He attended Business School at St. Petersburg’s Eckerd College, and has incorporated his love for technology into all of his businesses.

Mr. Nickel is currently host of Social Media Business Hour and the President and CEO of Balance Engines LLC, Small Change LLC, and Revenue Assurance Holdings LLC. His interest in telecommunications started early on in his career while working for AT&T Paradyne as an engineer and then transitioning into becoming both, an Account Manager and Regional Manager simultaneously for Rockwell International where he was responsible for major accounts like IBM and Intel. Fast forward to now, Mr. Nickel has a vast knowledge regarding the cellular and big data analytics industries . He is currently a SME in the field, assisting in commission reconciliation and revenue recovery for various cellular companies. Mr. Nickel has worked with hundreds of corporations assisting with the processing of thousands of monthly store commission statements while recovering over hundreds of millions of dollars through the years.

Mr. Nickel has a vast Social Media background and when LinkedIn was launched he was one of the first people to dive in noticing the tremendous SEO potential and value behind it. Mr. Nickel is a true expert in this field, as he will tell you he has tried, and failed, at almost all of the suggestions that LinkedIn recommends. With that being said, he wanted to create a program that provides you with real results, and fast! www.linkedinfocus.comwill leave you excited about the potential connections for you and your business. Join Mr. Nickel as he provides you with the secrets to SEO success utilizing LinkedIn to build your brand, your business, and your connections.

To contact Mr. Nickel you can reach him at or (727) 459- 3899. To learn more visit his website

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