Patches of History 3/19/2020

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The Emotional Struggles of Crisis

We’re all in the same boat. It doesn’t happen often that everyone is challenged with the same
immediate overriding problem. Here today to discuss our struggle to maintain balance during tough
times is author A K Patch

1. Why is this such a problem AK?
Just because we have technological improvements and modern education doesn’t mean we can get past
base human biology. When threatened, we have intrinsic flight and fright reactions, built over hundreds
of thousands of years of survival. Run from the bear and the wolf. Maybe be cornered and make a stand
with a sharpened stick. Endure famine and war. Fight the elements- floods, fires, earthquakes, extreme
cold and heat.
These accumulated tests of our human resolve are built into our DNA over time. So, our emotions are
brought to the surface during times like now, too.
2. So, what do we do?
Ancient peoples devised myths to help explain these aspects of human existence. They might tell the
story of overbearing arrogance and how that’s punished by the gods, or they might also give advice on
how to avoid disaster. Today, we can look to the past for advice, and join it with what we know in the
modern world.
3. Is there a myth you can use as an example?
Yes, from ancient Greece. It’s a well known one, but we might look at it in a different way. Icarus and
Dedalus. TELL MYTH
The lesson here is to maintain and even keel. Don’t fly too high or too low. Apollo’s Temple in Delphi-
4. How do we use the lessons of that myth today?
We all have time to reflect now. It might be time to review behaviors that have benefitted us, and ones
that haven’t. Excessive, obsessive behaviors at some point, do us in. The Greek Olympian gods made
that clear in mythology. We may have to channel more energy into that which benefits us, now that our
lives are askew. The difficult part is controlling emotions- most problematic for all us- controlling fear
and anger. Not easy- but we have time to meditate. Consider ancient wisdoms and modern advances to
figure how you want to deal with the current crises.
We can’t control what’s happening, but only our reaction. That’s the hardest part. We all struggle with
5. Where can we find your novel series, AK?

Amazon- PASSAGE at DELPHI -Time travel adventure with modern day professors who are tossed into an
ancient battleground as training. They know the history, but take too many chances and it all goes to
hell on them.

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