Patches of History 9/17/2020

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Author AK Patch is here today to talk about his newly released paranormal thriller, THE CATACOMBS’
CURSE. This is however more than an otherworldly tale. There’s meat and bones history involved in the
story. Tell us about it, AK?

The novel begins at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Napoleon’s last shot at regaining his stature
as emperor of France and deterring France’s enemies. Whoever wins this battle will have a
wide-ranging effect on Europe for monarchs and nations. Napoleon nearly won. Considered a
military genius, he made several mistakes during battle, but one maybe he couldn’t have
changed. A rain storm the night before caused to delay moving his cannon and he started the
battle too late. The Prussians army that he’d beaten two earlier joined Lord Wellington’s allied
army in the Late afternoon and sealed his fate.
2. How did you blend this history into the story?
Two of my main characters are hired by a British bank to get the news of the battle to London as
fast as possible. This French couple run a carrier pigeon service, so working for the British could be
considered an ACT OF TREASON. But everyone wants this news. Historically, we know that this could be
delivered by different means at that time- by horse and ship, even by a primitive telegraph system of
towers and flags. But carrier pigeon networks played a role. The news did cause a flurry of investments
to be made on the London market after the battle.
The problem for my mixed Parisian and creole couple- others want that information and are
desperate to get it.
3. Sounds like they’re in deep trouble?
This novel is a paranormal thriller- A modern-day Filipino couple visit the Paris Catacombs. One of
them accidently handles one of the skulls and is possessed by a disturbed spirit. This novel explores the
battle between the people, spirits and cultures for survival. Part of the fun for an author, blending
history, the near-future- paranormal concepts and a bit of romance into a story.
4. Where can we get this book, AK?
AK Patch My trilogy the Apollo Series is there also. Go to Amazon and look up- THE

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