Podcast: 2/13/2020

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Adrienne Rubin…call her at 310-283-7613…she is the
author of a best-seller, “Diamonds & Scoundrels: My Life in the
Jewelry Business”

She will disclose her thoughts about Valentine’s Day–why women love
it so much…she has really done her homework for this special day–
she will dazzle you and your audience with interesting facts and figures
concerning Valentine’s Day (a great day for proposals, among many other
highlights)….Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend? Ask Adrienne!

Adrienne was a successful housewife in Beverly Hills before she got
involved in the jewelry business…she was very, very naive about working
with men in the business because it was a male-dominated business…boy,
did she meet her share of scoundrels! She thought most people were
honest because she came from an honest family. She spent 35 years
in the jewelry biz, traveling all over the world in her role as a jewelry

With the rave reviews she’s gotten on her book, there is serious talk now
in Hollywood about her book becoming a movie…ask her who she’d like
to see play the lead roles on the screen.

She is a gracious lady who has worked hard all her life and has been very
successful from a financial viewpoint…ask her what fields today are not
male-dominated where women have a fair chance of making it big…what
do women have to do if they enter a field these days that is still male-

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