Podcast 4/17/2017

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How Trump Will Destroy Democrats

How Trump Will Destroy Democrats

The massive display of outrage against President Trump’s immigration order, cabinet picks, Supreme Court justice-nominee and other executive actions is nothing more than a ruse.
Most people on ‘the political left,’ could care less about refugees, immigrants or free health care. Their main concern is power and money. And, their window of opportunity to stop the most devastating political event of Democrat political history is closing.
Once Donald Trump produces an economy that he has promised, upward mobility and a massive expansion of jobs, people will flee the Democratic Party like rats running from the rising water on a sinking ship.

The Democratic Party doesn’t want to fix the economy; they simply want to maintain their position as the doctor prescribing economic pills for short-term pain-relief.
I’m reminded of a lesson I learned operating my real estate company. I bought into a Weichert, Realtors franchise in 2003. We grew it to eight offices with nearly 500 associates and employees.

We became their second-largest franchise in the country.

I originally bought into the entire philosophy that ‘Weichert’ offered not initially realizing what actually created the success my company experienced. When we recruited agents we sold a set of benefits and services the company provided that were exceptional in the marketplace (these services and benefits were each akin to policy positions in politics: sales pitches).

What the franchisor missed (as well as me in my naiveté) is that their company’s success (with 200 corporately owned offices making up the largest privately owned real estate company in America) was derived because people bought into Jim Weichert, its founder.
The reason they bought into Weichert is because he had a track record of producing very successful and wealthy real estate agents. Bottom line: they made a lot of money in New Jersey, DC and New York where the company had that reputation.

When I pitched and marketed my franchised version of his company, I made a big mistake. I pitched the brand. People only care about brand when they can’t find something better. Agents wanted the commission, not the ‘stuff.’ This misstep made it very easy to retain almost 100% of our associates but very difficult to recruit high producing, experienced agents. Using all of the philosophical ‘fluff’ you can always attract weaker people and help make them stronger.

READ: http://townhall.com/columnists/bryancrabtree/2017/02/03/how-trump-will-destroy-democrats-n2280347

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