Podcast: 7/4/2017

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​Chris Luca – Vocals
Dave Comer – Guitars
Mark Baker – Bass
James “Jas” Dillion – Drums

KillSET based out of L.A., California is pleased to announce the release of another video from a single off their upcoming album “S.T.F.U.”

When you combine a metal band with a rap hit from the 90’s, you get an undeniably unique cover track and parody video destined to create a viral sensation. KillSET’s cover/parody of “Jump” by Kris Kross is here!

KillSET wanted to cover a song that already had a cool vibe on its own and impart the KillSET style into it. The parody video was a no-brainer. The idea of a bunch of metal guys dressing up like Kris Kross just sounded like way too much fun not to do.

The video really embodies the “anything goes attitude” of the band and the new album, “S.T.F.U.” Once the script was written and the clothes and props were purchased, there was no turning back. The song came out sick and it was by far the most fun any of the members have ever had shooting a music video!

KillSET’s forthcoming album “S.T.F.U.” produced by Eddie Wohl is scheduled to be released on July 7th, 2017. Get FREE TRACK when you PRE-ORDER KillSET’s new album S.T.F.U.!!! at iTunes S.T.F.U.

“Jump” Official Video (Cover/Parody)

Video “Jump” parody, directed by Kerry Porter





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