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Synopsis—-why readers fall in love with this book instantly
The emotional and powerful novel transports readers back to the robust energy and romantic lights of 1920s Paris. It chronicles the life of Sophie Masson, a painter and healer and woman far ahead of her time. It is a story of culture, passion and self-discovery as she meets Jake, an irresistible American journalist, sent to Paris to interview the great artists gathered in France – Hemingway, Picasso, Fitzgerald and others. The way men think about love is put under a microscope in the book. The quickening plot moves from the hardscrabble farmlands of Kansas to the glittering spectacular of champagne-filled parties in Paris.  Sophie and Jake must risk everything as they encounter betrayal, international intrigue, and the mysteries of underground Paris. Finally, they must deal with Sophie’s own explosive past to discover whether true love between two people who have suffered emotional scars, is possible.
BIO for intro—
Michael Bowker is an award-winning investigative journalist and the author of 20 books, and more than 4,500 articles, two CBS Movies of the Week and three Lifetime Movies. His books have been published by Simon & Schuster, Random House and others. His stories have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, 20/20, the Oxygen Channel, Reader’s Digest, the Los Angeles Times and numerous other national media outlets. He lives in Santa Barbara, California and is working on his next novel.
The book explores what makes romantic love blossom and what makes it sustainable. Having a backdrop in Paris in the 1920s doesn’t hurt. Gods of Our Time delves into the meaning and potential of love, self-discovery and understanding and overcoming our pasts.
Men, humor and insights.  Set in the 1920s in Paris, it is a love story even men will enjoy.  It is a book about self-discovery, mixed with art, history and culture — flavored with humor and insights that will make you laugh.
An author comes full circle. His first book, Playing From the Heart, just sold a million copies. Nineteen non-fiction titles and a heart attack later, he writes from his heart in his first novel. A portion of each book sale goes to heart charities that pay for those who cannot otherwise afford treatment.
Can two capable people become stronger together than they are apart? With Paris in the 1920s as a setting, a new book takes us inside the two main characters as they fall in love and struggle to overcome their separate pasts. The nature of human relationships is explored in this new book about the challenges of falling in love in the midst of betrayal, political intrigue and the dangers of underground Paris in the 1920s.
Art Meets Literature. Bowker has launched his re-styled and re-branded publishing company, which he originally founded in 2002.  Now called Sixty Degrees Publishing, (sixty degrees is the ambient air temperature required before butterflies can fly), the company has three defining features.  First, are the great books chosen for publication and worldwide distribution.  Second, it will feature a new genre, called Solutions, which will be devoted to authors who want to present innovative solutions to societal conflicts and problems.  These will come from all over the world.  Finally, Sixty Degrees is a place where art meets literature.  Many of covers of ‘Sixty’s’ books will be painted by renowned artists. For example, Yuliya Lennon, an award-winning artist from the University of London painted the cover for Gods of Our Time.  She also painted to cover of an upcoming release from Sixty Degrees called Rendezvous, by San Francisco attorney, Geoff Spellberg.
Celebrities and the ‘Gods’
Jake believes the famous writers and artists in Paris will be ‘gods of his time’.  It doesn’t turn out that way.  The book exposes how we often place celebrities on high pedestals, often to our own peril.  A great example is the significant amount of air time that all spectrums of today’s media reported on the political leanings of actors, singers, athletes throughout this entire election cycle, as if their opinions were of critical importance.  Jake thinks he is going to learn how to live a ‘perfect’ life through meeting them — he finds the opposite is most often true, and that life is complex — he finds far higher standards and morals in underground Paris.  Ultimately, he learns that life isn’t about celebrities and being perfect, but about our own internal pursuit of art, self-discovery and love.
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