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Joe Collins-

Link: https://twitter.com/joecollins43rd/status/1315049469554159622?s=20

Congressional candidate Joe Collins just released a new viral video that has over 2.5 Million views that takes his opponent incumbent ‘Mansion’ Maxine Waters to task about her $6million house and why she is an unrelatable figure in his impoverished district. 

In the ad, Collins stands outside Waters’ $6 million California residence, noting that it is not even located inside the district she represents.“Do you know where I am right now? Maxine Waters’ six million-dollar mansion,” Collins asks. “Do you know where I’m not right now? Maxine Waters’ district.”

Collins is running against Maxine Waters who has been an incumbent in his district for 30 years. Collins, who grew up in South Los Angeles, said the crime and poverty in the area have only increased under Waters’ 44 years in public office.

“I survived a drive-by shooting in this house when I was a child,” Collins says in the video while standing outside a home in the area. “Gangs, drugs, violence, that was my upbringing. And where was Maxine Waters?”

“She has a very nice community, she has a really big house – and that’s just one of three or four house that she has,” he said. “And meanwhile, she comes to the inner city and preaches the message of hatred, and a message of us vs. them.”

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