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Alligator Blood

Alligator Blood’s Newest Creation – Done (Official Video)
Self-Righteous Records
2 May 2020
Former Prong Member Dan Laudo Joins Las Vegas’ alternative rockers Alligator Blood

Completing the Alligator Blood lineup is Ex-Prong Drummer Dan Laudo Joins Alligator Blood for the newest hard-hitting self-tiled release on Self-Righteous Records along with three new visually ominous Music Videos.

Dan Laudo, who also worked with Mike Riggs in Scum of the Earth and had a brief band experience with Trent Reznor in high school. Dan has help propel Alligator Blood’s Debut album to #26 in the top 50 on the Metal Contraband Charts.
Alligator Blood has just released their new Newest Visual Creation “Done” w/ Video Director(s): Julie Pyle, Tyler Lawson & Kristian Roloff and Production: Jayde Monroe Productions

Watch Here: “Done” (Official)

New Single / New Album: Alligator Blood.com

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When you shock the most famous shock jock on the planet, you know your performance went viral. Tyler Lawson roped in nearly 6 million views when he was with his band, CracKerman, on a daytime talk show in Las Vegas. The 3-piece punk/grunge band, named after an STP song, was an all-out assault that included guitar bashing, raw riffs and controversial lyrics.

Even though his antics landed him national attention on the Howard Stern Show, Lawson wanted more than video views. He dissolved CracKerman in 2017 to create a project where he could evolve his vocal and songwriting skills. He was ready to go all-in no matter the cost. In Vegas, they call that “Alligator Blood”. Lawson had already aligned himself with lead guitarist, Kristain Roloff, whom he met during a brief stint with the hard rock cover band, Smashing Alice. Their collaboration led to a library of new music that combines the energy of punk with a more polished, mature sound that includes hard rock, pop and even some industrial.

Completing he Alligator Blood lineup is former Prong drummer, Dan Laudo, who also worked with Mike Riggs in Scum of the Earth and had a brief band experience with Trent Reznor in high school. On bass is multi-instrumentalist, Angel Campbell, who stepped aside from her first love of drumming to take on a new challenge and lay down a different kind of rhythm.
Who is Sheriff Richard Mack?

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET)Champion of Constitutional Values
Founder, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA)
Sheriff (RET), Author. Teacher. Constitutional Leader. National Leadership.

Founder, CSPOA
Led a Supreme Court victory for state sovereignty
Author of several books on freedom, government and gun control
Consultant on Constitutional Issues
Former Graham County (AZ) Sheriff
Public speaker
Trainer in constitutional issues for law enforcement
Sheriff Mack has been in law enforcement all his life. You could even say he was born into it as the son of an FBI agent. He began his career after graduating BYU in 1978, became a police officer in Provo, Utah, where eventually becoming a detective. After a colorful decade in Utah, he moved back to his home state of Arizona to run for Graham County Sheriff, where he was elected in 1988.

During his tenure as Sheriff, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Brady Bill, the gun control scheme which requires local background checks before purchasing a firearm. He challenged the bill, and took to the Supreme Court, arguing that the Federal Government had no authority over local government under the 10th Amendment. He ended up being the first sheriff in history to sue the federal government and win–under the Clinton Administration, no less!

Since the ruling, Mack has dedicated much of his life to conservative activism, especially for gun rights. He’s a faithful, longtime member and leader of the NRA, founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers (CSPOA), and fought for civil rights across the nation.
Addiction Rescue: The NO-BS Guide to Recovery, the one-sheets we provided for the Publicity Summit; one being for the Covid 19 environment and one being evergreen, as well as the link below to a short documentary from Twin Cities PBS to pass on to Mr. Lowe.

Just in synopsis, David is recovering from multiple addictions including opioids, heroin and gambling and in fact was a first generation opioid addict. He lost everything including me, his wife, his two daughters for a time, multiple homes, a multi-million dollar business and eventually his freedom when he was sentenced to five years in federal prison all due to his addictions. After turning his life around, since his incarceration, he has become a professional Interventionist and recovery coach.

I also want to mention that David has a curriculum in working with companies to avoid employee fraud and theft due to addictions and includes how to identify problematic, addictive behavior in the workplace and the signs of use turning into abuse. In work environments, such as his when he worked on Wall Street, where clout and money are to be gained, it can be a breeding ground for addiction as well as fraud. Both employers and employees need to be aware of the effects these elements can have if not kept in check.

If there is any way our expertise can benefit you and your audience please don’t hesitate to let us know and thank you for passing our information on!

How One Man Held on to Hope to Overcome an Opioid Addiction

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