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Guest Opportunity: Randy Weir — Networking and Cyber Threat Specialist, Fictional Crime Writer, and Author of the “Jarvis Mann Detective” Series

Once identity thieves have your personal information, they can drain your bank account, run up charges on your credit cards, open new utility accounts, or get medical treatment on your health insurance. An identity thief can file a tax refund in your name and get your refund. In some extreme cases, a thief might even give your name to the police during an arrest.

Clues That Someone Has Stolen Your Information
You see withdrawals from your bank account that you can’t explain.
You don’t get your bills or other mail.
Merchants refuse your checks.
Debt collectors call you about debts that aren’t yours. Plus more……..
Networking and Cyber Threat Specialist Randy Weir uses his expertise to extensive knowledge to explain how you can stay protected against identity theft. His fifth book, “Dead Man Code,” dealt with an IT software engineer being murdered as part of a conspiracy by a crooked tech company to steal user’s identity.

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