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Lorenda Phillips
Lorenda grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. In her school life, she volunteered
in several programs, and was a leader in organizing A Walk against Hunger, the first public fundraiser for
worldwide hunger in Los Angeles Her job involved serving in highly competitive environments and
bringing great results. A key value she holds is to select great people with whom to work and play–
people who are kind, generous, smart, enjoy a good laugh and are up to something.
Upon receiving her BA from the San Jose State University, Lorenda has a long record of professional
experience. She was in sales and sales management for companies like Wadsworth Publishing Company,
Dictaphone Inc., VoiceCom, Inc. and ACityLine.
Beginning in February, 1999, Lorenda began to coach and develop professionals–executives, business
owners, and professionals looking to transition to another career. She further strengthened her
professional knowledge related to advising professional athletes by acquiring a Masters Coaching
Certificate from the International Coach Federation, and a Certificate of Completion from Retirement
Options, an industry leader in retirement assessment and personal development.
The establishment of Retired from Sports focuses her passion for helping athletes create for themselves
a comfortable life upon the completion of playing in professional sports (NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB).
According to Lorenda, most players entering retirement are faced with three significant challenges– 1)
The paychecks stop, 2. They find themselves without a purpose or direction, and 3). They do not have a
structure to manage their daily activities.
Lorenda personally has an instinct of recognizing athletes’ hidden potentials, using the leadership
behaviors they developed while playing to aid in their next career. Because of her high standards for
every client, her goal is to make sure that she can provide the best programs and talent her company
can provide. Furthermore, she has assembled a team of experts who shares her vision and mission of
helping athletes to be successful in all their avenues of life.
Retired from Sports provides advice and counseling to athletes for their transition from sports to their
next career. Their engagement model is “Discover, Plan and Build for Success”. The professional athletes
start their journey at Retired from Sports with assessments to identify talents and interests. Based on
the assessments, a strategic plan is created with customized coaching, tailored courses and/or
specialized counseling. It is recommended that athletes work with Lorenda and her team of
professionals as soon as possible while they are playing. Their player status will leverage beneficial
relationships for the future.
Aligning with her personality and training, she has strong ethical standards. Says Lorenda, “Everything
we do is built on a foundation of excellence and careful selection, to insure we only offer our services to
clients where we can add the most value.”

Lorenda has authored a book called Star Power in Retirement: How to Turn a Few Years of Playing
Professional Sports into a Lifetime of Wealth, Influence and Fame. She is currently working on a
second book called Life & Money for Former Pro Athletes. She lives in Pismo Beach, California.

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