Robots as Financial Advisors

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Robots as Financial Advisors
Guest Opportunity: Brandon Mink– Founder of Demand Wealth, Financial Planning Specialist and Investing Expert
Hybrid advisors are becoming the gold standard in wealth management services, combining technology driven objectivity with experienced human wisdom.
As technology continues to push the industry forward in meeting client needs, wealth managers must ensure that their investment models have the flexibility to adapt, not only in growing wealth and planning, but also in reducing costs.
Most Robo rebalancing strategies, however, let the computer program dictate when to rebalance. Is this a mistake?
·      How does the Hybrid Robo Investing process work?
·      If perfected, can this process guarantee a more productive portfolio?
·      How has investing changed throughout this pandemic?
·      Do you feel the change will be everlasting within the financial sector?
Brandon Mink is now accepting interviews to elaborate on his Hybrid Robo Investing Structure as it relates to your financial portfolio. He explains why the winning strategy must be seamless and versatile, as well as the combination of an algorithmic discipline with human experience being paramount to be considered a success.
Meet Brandon Mink:
After a successful 21-year career with the large wire houses, Brandon wanted to develop a digital wealth management firm that utilized technology to help the client experience, but without the label of just another ‘Robo’.
Founding Demand Wealth in 2020 meant providing the investor a digital experience with niche portfolios to align with their values, at a low price point, and with a team of seasoned industry veterans providing a personalized touch to clients continually throughout their journey.
Brandon graduated from James Madison University with degrees in Finance & Marketing and is very active when it comes to giving back. His charitable endeavors relate to underprivileged children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and founder of The Youth Interest Foundation.
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