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Born in Chicago, Serita (a registered nurse) came out to Los Angles when offered a teaching job at USC. With her master’s in
writing (with honors) from Antioch University in London, England, she went on to become well known in the romance and
mystery field.
Working as an investigative reporter for CBS (Chicago), she helped discover a hospital in the northern suburb who pretended to
heal cancer patients with falsified alternative methods.
Her first published book This Bitter Ecstasy, a historical romance from Pocket Books was her introduction to the film industry
when she was asked by an agent if she could write a treatment of the book for possible adaptation. She continued writing
historical romances including Tame the Wild Heart – a story of James II’s foray into Ireland; Daughters of Desire – French
Canada , Lightning and Fire – a dramatized story of Deborah, the prophet (Judges 4/5-The script was finalist in several
contests including Karios.)
Turning her attention to mystery and suspense she wrote historical suspense as The Bloodstone Inheritance, (young adult
mysteries as) Unholy Alliance (nominated for Best Book for the Reluctant Reader from the American Library Association,)
Deceptive Desire (a western female driven suspense now in script form as Logan’s Land optioned several times) Red Sea,
Dead Sea and Bagels For Tea (the Fanny Zindel novels – a Jewish Murder She Wrote) and many more, including ghosting
and adaptations. She was hired by the studio to write the prequel of the TV series Cagney and Lacey. Her award winning
short story, The Unborn, about an unborn child who vows revenge on her mother’s killer is a short and will soon be out as a
feature and a book. The trailer for this can be seen at The short,
itself, is available on iTunes for a minimal price of $2.99. A % of proceeds will go to a domestic violence shelter.
As an RN trained in forensics she assists writers with their medical, investigative and forensic questions for their stories. Her two
non-fiction books are– The Book of Poisons – written in plain English helps writers to correctly murder their victims. On
October 22, 2016, she appeared as the poison expert on True Nightmares –Investigation Discovery. Her book, The Forensic
Nurse –shows how nurses help police solve crimes. Serita was awarded from University of Illinois College of Nursing for
contributions to nursing with her forensic nurse book. A pilot and scripted TV series package for this character driven procedural,
Nursing The Evidence is now in consideration.
Writing for professional – law and nursing magazines, as well as lifestyle, travel, and general publications, she has had nearly 40
books published by Pocket Books, Fawcett, Zebra, Leisure, St Martin’s Press, Writer’s Digest, Oak Tree Press,
Hard Shell, Motivational Press, True North Press, Intrigue Press and others.
Her first script was Murder Me Twice (a sci-fi thriller won several awards and was recently optioned again for a TV movie.)
Other awarded scripts include Mother In Law (a female driven buddy dramady with a supernatural twist based on the Fanny
Zindel character,) A Match Made in Heaven (a supernatural romantic comedy inspired by true events,) Simon Sez, (aka
Angel Wings) a kids adventure with a Chinese twist, Against Her Will (a teen drama book and script based on true events,)
and The Master’s Will – A PAGE AWARDS SEMI-FINALIST (book and script based on true events. She currently is
working book and script for The Mark of the Dragon – a sci-fi romantic suspense with director Sean McNamara.
Other TV pilots include Golden Murders (The Nanny meets Murder She Wrote -based on her Fanny Zindel mystery series,)
her spec pilot Gangsta – winner of Writer’s Boot Camp and Talentville contests that deals with South Central gangs and the
police that work with them, Yo Nun – an urban sitcom, and Alex With A Z- a teen sitcom.
Her recent book, The Ultimate Writers Workbook for Books and Scripts (Motivational Press) is based on her teaching at
various universities and conferences. She is a frequent speaker at conferences on the craft of writing and adaptations and

continues to mentor writers and teach on various subjects like mystery writing and script vs book writing and lectures with
Changing Images in America – Women Helping Women.
Serita is a past board member for Film Industry Network (FIN), the Caucus, and often helped writers at now defunct Alameda
Writers Group (AWG.) An active member of Women In Film (WIF) she participated in their PSA team where she wrote the
Emmy nominated public service announcement for St. Joseph’s Care Center, Santa Monica, California. Networking where she
can she attends and helps out at Breaking Into Hollywood, Hollywood Breakfasts and other groups as Stage32 and Roadmap
After adopting her Romanian daughter, she helped found the non-profit “Hearts for Romania,” supporting the Romanian orphans
left behind. She has judged for the SET awards – honoring films and shows with scientific correctness and numerous other
Her international fans urged her to join the Hollywood International Film Festival as a board member and she assists with that
now. Recently, she joined the team of Vesuvian Media Group as VP of Special Projects – assisting with acquisitions and the
foundation. A few months ago she was given an award from the group Millionaires for a Cause in honor of her humanitarian
work with her mentoring young writers and using her talents to bring important issues to light.
In addition, she is a regular freelance journalist for Splash Magazines Worldwide ( covering film, theatre,
entertainment industry events, health topics, and travel.
As an expert witness specializing in forensic nursing, poisons, investigations and psychiatry issues, she has assisted numerous
attorneys in their cases and often helps writers, directors and producers with medical, forensic, poison questions for their stories.
She attends various seminars on such topics as “The Expert Witness From the Trial Lawyers Point of View,” and “Dauber and
Other Challenges to Experts,” and “Getting Your Message to the Jury,” as well as helping to explain to juries what the medical
terms really mean (since that is one major role a nurse plays.) Forensic nurses work in sexual assault, domestic, child and elder
abuse, death investigations, MVA, arson, trauma and work accidents, prison, and legal cases, etc.
Her favorite proverb (from Pirkei Avot – a Jewish guide book) is – If I am for myself alone, who am I? If I am only for others,
what am I? If not now, when? – To her, it means we always have to be available to help others, to make the world a win-win
situation as much as we can, and not to expect any immediate return except the knowledge you are helping others.

Film Credits
Saving Spirit, an original script for Larry Levinson/ Hallmark – in pre-production
Champagne for Two – Warner Home Video
Lilac Dreams Warner Home Video
The Unborn Pupperazzi Productions (short)/*
Promises Maid Just Us Productions (short)


The Master's Will – historical true drama – PAGE AWARD FINALIST, 2017- #46/7,000 Capital Fund Screenplay Competition
Dragon Seeds – Best screenplay the Cinema City International Film Fest soon to be Mark of the Dragon with Sean McNamara
Murder Me Twice – Finalist ISA award, Best Screenplay Cinema City International Film Festival, official selection of SF Film
Festival, PAGE semi-finals, Circus Road Films – semi finalist
Mother in Law – Cinema City Film Fest; Best Dramady – Broad Humor Festival, Geller Festival Finalist, 2018 Stage32 Comedy
Semi-finalist, PAGE AWARDS Quarter Finals 2018, Women Who Write Semi-Finals
The Unborn – award nomination for short story; Talentville award for script; numerous festivals
Unholy Alliance – Best book for the Reluctant Reader by the American Library Association, 1990. 2017 Screencraft Family
Semi-Finalist (top 25%)
Match Made in Heaven – Best Screenplay, Cinema City/ Best comedy Broad Humor Festival, Geller Festival finalist, Beverly
Hills Film Festival Official selection, 2018 Screencraft Family finalist, 2018 PAGE AWARD quarter finals, Capitol Fund Semi-
Golden Murders – a TV spec dramady – based on her Fanny Zindel mystery series – Broad Humor Festival, Geller Festival
Deborah, Prophetess – Best Biblical Romance RWA (now a screenplay.); Geller Festival and Karios finalist, 2017 #26/7,000
Capital Fund Screenplay Competition
Deceptive Desires – Best Western Romantic Suspense (now Logan’s Land screenplay.) RWA
Promises Maid – finalist at the 168 Film Festival written for JustUs Productions
Unholy Orders – McCavity and Anthony Awards
Red Sea, Dead Sea – nominated for Anthony Award (now a TV pilot Golden Murders.)
Gangsta – Writers Boot Camp Fellowship Award, Talentville Best of the week
Flip Kids/ Simon Sez- finalist – International Family Film Festival
The Unborn Witness – semi-finalist – Page Awards, semi finalist Table Read My Screenplay.
Nursing The Evidence – (Forensic Nurses) –pilot-character driven serialized procedural– based on true cases I’ve worked, etc.
(Also a forthcoming book series.)

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