Shari Zucker 11/21/2017

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author Shari Zucker, on preparing for a vegetarian Thanksgiving

confirming your first guest Tues., my wonderful daughter, Shari Zucker,
co-author with her twin sister of a best-selling cookbook, “The Memory
Diet”…call her in Santa Barbara at 805-969-6463 at 12:15 pm CA time

the big angle here is how to prepare for a super vegetarian Thanksgiving–yes,
NO TURKEY! What is the big replacement for turkey???

suggested questions–I know you have been a longtime vegetarian…how did you get started in that field?

And have all your cookbooks been strictly on the veggie side?

So you’re having a family Thanksgiving at noon sharp…will all the food be strictly vegetarian?

How nice to have choices of food at this special feast…but let’s assume many of our listeners want to keep things on the veggie side…what should they do first?
What other key pointers do you suggest?

Is your husband vegetarian — and what about the rest of the family?

Do you feel, in general, veggie food is healthier than meat?

Tell us more about the highlights of your latest book, “The Memory
Diet”…I understand you have dedicated this cookbook to your Mom
who is coping with early stages of dementia…what advice to you have for people in similar stituations?

You’ve had seven best-selling cookbooks so far…what’s on the literary menu next?

Where can our listeners buy your book and what is your website?

Good luck, Shari, on Thanksgiving Day…may none of your ventures ever be
a turkey! YES, LET’S ALL HAVE FUN!

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