Engage, Disengage in Troubled Times

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Engage, Disengage in Troubled Times

We hear updates on the Coronovirus situation 24/7. We must be informed, but being glued to TV
minute by minute raises our anxiety levels in unhealthy ways. Here to discuss a historical perspective on
what we can do to detach is author AK Patch

1. What about obsessive media updates, A K?
These are days we will long remember. Hopefully we have few repeats of uncontrolled outbreaks. Its
hard enough to stay healthy physically without the constant minute by minute coverage. We need to
know precautions and staying home, but watching coverage can become unhealthy for our psyche’s.

2. So what do we do?
Engage when necessary, disengage when u can. Turn it off. We all have our methods of detaching. For
some, it’s a hobby, others long walks. Maybe its time for meditation. Eastern philosophy is advanced in
this way. Its been quite the paradox. We went from busy lives to locking ourselves indoors much of the
3. What do you mean by a historical perspective on this?
Think about the word- Nostalgia- It has Greek roots- Nostos- feeling like we want to return home- the
other root is Glios- the pain of- like in neuralgia- nerve pain.
So, we want memories that make us feel good. We can review happy memories of past times with
friends and family- pictures and events-
In particularly stressful moments- and we will all have them- meditation about pleasant experiences
from the past can help.
Nostalgia doesn’t have to be about Happy Days- but it makes sense in a way. We like to look back on
happier days, and pivot to the days ahead when happy days return.
4. Where can we get your books AK?
Amazon is best- Start with PASSAGE at DELPHI- first in the trilogy. Crafted to take readers on a roller-
coaster journey in the past, present and future- meat and bones history in climatic times- modern -day
professors out of their element and in deep trouble by making poor choices. Get on board- begin the

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