Special Paws: Beautiful Children’s Story Shares The Daydreams Of Shelter Dogs Awaiting Their Forever Home

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Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, July 31, 2019 — When a sleepy-eyed Boston awakes and finds herself in new surroundings, she is full of questions! Beside her is an engaging, friendly beagle named Hunter, who quickly becomes Boston’s friend and explains that they are in an animal shelter. As their friendship deepens and their dreams of finding their forever-homes take shape, Hunter helps Boston create a very special list of everything she is looking for in a family. Readers young and old will enjoy the playful dialogue — and maybe catch a glimpse of their own feelings toward family — as both dogs reveal what’s most important to them in a forever home.

Special Paws: The Family List, is the heartwarming new tale from Tracey Kusinitz Altman. The 38-page children’s book is beautifully illustrated in vibrant colors by Joseba Morales. Inspired by Altman’s own experiences with adopting dogs from a local shelter, Special Paws is both entertaining and educational, and is sure to be enjoyed by children and dog lovers young and old. Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the Special Paws nonprofit organization, which supports the efforts of area animal shelters.

Author Tracey Kusinitz Altman was 50 years old when she got her very first dog. Before going to the shelter to look for a pet, a friend had helped Altman put together a list of qualities that she wanted in a dog. Boston, a beautiful terrier and pit bull mix, fit everything on the list and more. The spots on Boston’s back formed the shape of a heart, and for Altman it was love at first sight. She drew from her own experience with the local animal shelter to write Special Paws, the first in a planned series of children’s books that feature shelter animals. She also founded Special Paws, a nonprofit that raises money to support animal shelters. Altman lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her two rescue dogs, Boston and Harper. You can connect with Altman on Facebook at Special Paws.

Special Paws: The Family List
Publisher: Inspired Forever Publishing
Released: May 2019
ISBN-10: 1948903113
ISBN-13: 978-1948903110
Available from Amazon.com



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Examples of 5-star Amazon reviews:

“What a wonderful story to help educate kids on the importance of adopting from an animal shelter! Such a cute way to get them engaged and reading — and a happy ending too!!”

“Such a cute story that highlights animal shelters. So good to start telling this story to younger kids. The graphics and color (red ball, blue bone, etc.) made it a very interactive read with my grandson. I am a big believer in adopting not shopping. Thank you for giving profits back to shelters. Every little bit helps!”

“My boys loved this book! Such a heartwarming story of two lil pups simply looking for their forever home. I loved the fact that I could teach my boys about pet adoption through this book! Amazing illustrations as well.”

“This is an awesome book for dog lovers and supporters of the amazing work shelters are doing! The story is adorable, what a great lesson for kids!”

Possible discussion topics for Tracey Kusinitz Altman:

1. Writing your first book at age 53
2. Becoming a first-time dog owner at age 50
3. Making your bucket list come true

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