Technology as the Bible of Adolescence

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Resiliency Expert and Top Selling Author of
“Treasures of the Believing Heart”

Rich Wessenberg

Most teenagers could not last more than a day without using social media or smartphones, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 youngsters found that two out of three spend an average of two hours a day on social media, and more during school holidays.

Three out of four teenagers said they could not last a day without using social media, with one in seven admitting they would not last an hour. A similar number admitted they had sent a text to a member of their family while sitting in the same house. Will these numbers ever come down to reality?

Resiliency Expert and Author of the worldwide selling book “Treasures of the Believing Heart” Rich Wessenberg leans on his experiences to give us a detailed look at the shift toward social media and reveals how to set new boundaries before it could spin out of control.

“Treasures of the Believing Heart” is the perfect story for the holidays that show how strong we can be with the power of believing.

Rich Wessenberg can answer the following questions:
* What are some of the reason social media has become a must have for teens?
* How has the smartphone become the bible of adolescence?
* What are some of the social media dos and don’ts that we should adhere to?
* Should there be guidelines for how it is used and for how often it is connected?

Meet Rich Wessenberg:
* As Seen on Christian Radio Stations all Across America
* World Wide Gospel News has called “Treasures of the Believing Heart” Read of the Year & a Best Seller
* Consistently Ranked in the Top 20% Users on Social Media
* Social Media Motivator
* Corporate Healthcare Trainer
* Resiliency Expert

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