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This is happening to me RIGHT NOW.
The Left Wing Hate Mob & Big Tech are trying to silence me because I dared to call out Ihan Omar’s Cash For Ballots Scheme.
Right Wing Watch immediately clipped 41 seconds of a 24 minute video and plastered it everywhere to their zombie followers, including Ilhan who RETWEETED me along with Gerald Rivera? long story short. my video was REMOVED from Youtube and even though I NEVER posted it on Patreon they Suspended my account!!! Plus Roku TV removed my channel without even notifying me!!! All I said was she should be investigated (which Trump called for & Minn PD are doing) and arrested and if convicted should be executed.
I did not say “I want to kill this bitch” Or I want my supporters to kill her, etc.” I am a professional. I have been doing this a VERY long time. I work within the lines and never cross them. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you did a full story on this for me and at the end please direct people to my donation page. Here is the FULL Video which is on bitchute   Thanks, you are a warrior..  Also you may want to make mention of this REAl ACTUAL THREAT BY A FORMER CEO OF TWITTER
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