The Mic Online Magazine – September 2011

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The Mic Online Magazine – September 2011

To all concerned,
The next issue for The Mic will be in November 2011. The final deadline is October 15th if you would like to contribute.
So, in the September 2011 issue of The Mic (
An alternate copy can be found at if you need a change of scenery.
Interview: Kittie
I’ve Failed You is our latest offering to the metal world, unleashed upon the masses August 30th. It was written over the course of a few months in the winter of 2011, and was recorded over three weeks in Goderich, Ontario in April and May of this year.”
Political Bumper Stickers: Be Kind To Your Vehicle’s Backside by Paul A. Ibbetson
“Bumper stickers – we see them every day in almost every form. Sit for a few minutes at a stop light and you literally see almost every form of human expression slapped across the chrome, and more often plastic bumpers of the vehicles of this nation.”
Interview: Gunpowder Secrets
“We all come from very different music backgrounds and all have been in bands before, most of them much heavier. All of us have played a variety of instruments before and still try to continue to though we have our main jobs with GPS.”
Interview: Phil Common
“As Phil Common solo I don’t have a set group of players which tends to free me up to add different sounds and instruments as I like. On the record, most of the music is played by me and my producer Chris Cubeta at Galluminumfoil Studios in Williamsburg, NYC.”
Interview: Heather O’Neill
“I started playing when I was 15. But I’m a bit of a late bloomer I didn’t get serious about it until I was 20. I got started playing at coffeehouses. ‘Pass the hat’ type of gigs.”





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