The Monograph of the Parallel Life of Tito Abao and Nero

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‘Only now in the twenty-first century of the modern era can the truth about the universe be openly described, explained, and understood by a significant part of the population of planet Earth.’ The Monograph of the Parallel Life of Tito Abao and Nero is the story of a soul called Tito Abao who enters the physical plane (third dimensional reality) seven thousand years ago. Tito shares his extraordinary vision and the journey he undertakes to find the meaning. Yet this not only the story of the Tito Abao soul, it is also the story of your soul. This book is meant to be a template. It is a window into your life. Through it you will be able to see the patterns of your own personal life as it unfolds. You are the sum total of all that you ever were that will lead you to an absolute understanding about how life really works. A DUE DILIGENCE WARNING!! -For Regression work I recommend only certified Dr Brian Weiss or Dr Micheal Newton practitioners. For Astral work I recommend only The Monroe Institute in Faber, Va.

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