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WASHINGTON, DC – October, 2020 … 230,000* polling places may sound like a lot, but according to Glimpse Social founder Jonathan Baldock, many districts in the US are set to see massive lineups, thinly spread resources and generally unpleasant voting experiences for millions of American voters on November 3rd.

Glimpse Social, a free mobile app designed to empower Americans to pin-drop exact locations of polling places (when announced by state officials) and provide vital information on COVID safety, line lengths, security and wait times, is working overtime in the final days before the US election to empower Americans to plan out their voting day in the best way possible.

“It’s no wonder that with the huge lines and hours-long waits they’ve seen in the past and in early voting this year, Americans are wondering how they can possibly vote safety and painlessly on November 3rd,” said Jonathan Baldock, Founder of Glimpse Social. “We asked 1000 Americans about their biggest voting day concerns and not surprisingly, exposure to COVID (32.1%) was, by far the biggest barrier. Americans were also concerned about huge lineups (14.5%), work-related concerns (7.9%), and arranging childcare (5.8%). How can voters responsibly plan for any of these things when some can’t even get information on where their polling place will be located until just days before the election?”

According to Baldock, the Glimpse app offers American voters the best possible view to plan out election day voting before and after polling place information is announced (all new polling place location information will be automatically populated.) Current information, texts and video from onsite voters at polling places across the country will appear all day on November 3rd.

“Trump would probably prefer that many Americans stay home on election day or leave in frustration after waiting for hours in line, but this is about empowering every American voter,” added Baldock. “Every American deserves to have a safe and stress-free voting day and we want to give it to them by giving access to see the election day COVID, wait time and safety situation at every polling place across the country through our free app.”

Glimpse Social is being endorsed by The Time To Vote project and their 1600 corporate members including Walmart, Google, Patagonia, Bank of America, Kraft Heinz, and Best Buy etc.

In any media coverage, please mention that Glimpse Social is a free, iPhone and Android app to help Americans plan out their election day strategy. This is a crowdsourced initiative and we are working to sign up as many Americans as possible to populate the election day info. Glimpse is donating any profits from election day advertising to support COVID relief and a non-partisan justice initiative, so this really is all about getting all Americans to vote.

About Glimpse Social:

Up until now, there’s been no way for Americans to collectively share their polling place intel. Without knowing the best and worst times to line up, voters in some states have had to line up for hours and hours to simply cast a vote.

With the new Glimpse Social app, voters can simply drop a virtual pin at their assigned polling places to learn when the longest lineups are to avoid long wait times and COVID exposure. Glimpse Social is a free Apple iPhone and Android app.

Glimpse works by offering voters a massively scalable app to share onsite intelligence through real-time video or photos and text within the app. American voters can place a pin on their assigned polling place location (or any polling place in the country that they want to view), then simply ask voters already onsite how busy it is, how many people are in line, are voters wearing PPE or any other relevant questions. Voters can also choose to simply ‘follow’ an already existing pin and be informed as soon as any questions from that location are answered. Anyone that is not physically within 250 yards of the polling place will not be able to comment or upload a video.

Is Glimpse sharing this information with News Media?
Absolutely! We will give any accredited news organization or political blog etc. full access and permissions to repost any video or comments from the 230,000* polling places that Glimpse will be covering. In fact, we’re hoping that media outlets will use Glimpse to help tell the personal election day stories of millions of American voters.

Download Glimpse Social images and assets here
See a video of how Glimpse works here

* According to the 2018 Election Administration and Voting Survey (EAVS) report

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