Three Simple Steps to Supercharge Your Immune System

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I am Caralyn and this is my story…

It is not everyday that one gets the urge to create a high-dose immune supportive drink mix that actually tastes great! But as is usually the case, necessity is the mother of invention and it is with my own mother where I will begin.

My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I wanted to throw everything plus the kitchen sink at her condition in addition to the traditional cancer treatment she chose to receive. Her chemo therapy treatment, plus her general lack of thirst were resulting in emergency room visits for severe dehydration! Her appetite was already weak and she was quickly losing interest in even adding one additional dietary supplement to her already daunting vitamin and mineral regimen. Something needed to be done to help get her the hydration plus the extra immune supportive nutrients that she needed. In addition she only had faith in her traditional oncologist who never once recommended even vitamin C. There was no drink on the market that appealed to her that was nourishing, hydrating, good tasting and not sweetened with sugar or worse — an artificial sweetener. I took the leap and made that something into Sufficient-C!

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