Top 5 Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

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Top 5 Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

Written by: João Santos

Just one year ago Joe Hawley, NFL odds athlete for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers
announced he would drop the sport to travel through 48 states of the USA in a van. He
sold almost all his possessions and gave the money to charity. Apparently, Joe got
inspired by the Netflix movie “Minimalism: A documentary about the important
things”. “It’s a far cry from what he saw in the NFL, where players often drive multiple
cars and wear $500,000 Rolex watches”, he said. But, why would someone change so
suddenly and what really is minimalism?

Every advertisement we see on TV contributes to a society that prides itself on the
accumulation of various items. Consumerism, material possessions, clutter, debt,
distractions and noise are all part of our current lifestyle, and we live with it.

However, by adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you can throw away what you don’t need
in order to focus on what you do need and invest in precious time in something useful.
Backpack travelling is one of many ways to start learning that less is more.

It’ll improve your focus and enjoyment knowing you do not have to worry about
unworthy details. There are a few obvious benefits of minimalism, such as less cleaning
and stress, a more organized household and probably more money, but there are also a
few sentimental, life-changing benefits:

1 – Peace of Mind

When we cling onto material possessions, we create stress because we are always afraid
of losing these things, we currently own. By simplifying your daily routine, you can
lose your attachments and ultimately create a calm, peaceful mind. The less things you
have to worry about, the simpler it will get. In addition, you’ll understand that
possessions can be replaced. Minimalism is a tool you could use to get rid of
unnecessary stuff and live a more meaningful life.

2 – Environmental Benefits
Regardless of your political or religious beliefs, we should agree to have a healthy
respect for our place here, now, more than ever with the sudden approach of global
warming consequences. Less clutter in our homes means less waste. You’re not
throwing out as much as a minimalist, you’re conscious of what you consume.
Minimalism helps us to become less invasive and therefore, your personal ecological
footprint size.

3 – Higher Quality Items
Minimalism is not about owning low-quality items to no items at all, it’s about owning
fewer things. If you own fewer things, you have more money and space for higher
quality items. Minimalism highlights the high-quality items you already have. You will
be a high-quality shopper. Not that you have to spend more money for better quality,
but you have the option to. In other hand, if you decide not to, you’ll certainly have
more money to spend elsewhere. A high-quality luxury life isn’t only for rich people,
it’s for those who know precisely what they need.

4 – Time Saving and Increased Efficiency
A minimalist lifestyle is not time consuming. It fills our environment with less
emotional and material needs or clutter in general, which makes decision making easier.
Furthermore, it makes time for what is more important and reduces time wasting on
things that do not matter or ceased to exist with your new lifestyle approach. It effects
change. If you need to make change in your life, try a minimalist lifestyle, the
minimalist lifestyle makes one more effective and efficient.

5 – Learn More about Yourself
Minimalism helps you thrive as a more conscious, caring, thoughtful and sensitive
person. Leading a stress-free, decluttered and calm lifestyle gives you more time to
reflect upon yourself and learn who you want to be as a person. You get to feel more
peaceful, recharged and calm and see yourself, your home and your family differently
than you did before. The main point is that you’ll be able to achieve much more if you
just simplify everything and focus on what’s important.

Since you’ll no longer be tied down by sentimental clutter you thought were important
to you, you’ll see things clearly and in consequence, have a more realistic approach to
Traveling will be more simplified and might just become part of your routine, and even
your way of life. Still, same as with any new lifestyle you’d want to adapt to, there will
be a few things that you’ll have to give up. You’ll definitely get rid of old bad habits and
you’ll have to learn to rationalize every so item you might want to buy.
Becoming a minimalist is life changing and there are more benefits to it as opposed to
your current living lifestyle. Try it for yourself and adopt, partially, the minimalist

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