Trump:  Prophet of Deliverance

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To compare and contrast, I watched all four days of the Republican Convention like I did the Democrat one. The disparities between the two conventions were not only crystal clear but also astounding. It is like comparing the light of the Sun to a Black Hole.

The first thing that hit my eyes and ears were the pictures and words of the preamble to the US Constitution of “We the People”, declaring that ALL citizens are created equal under God. Unlike the Democrats – who were sucking up to Muslims, Atheists and others – the Republicans affirmed without any hesitation, their undivided allegiance to both God and the Constitution.

They even started with prayers as grateful citizens for God’s bounty in making the USA and its citizens an exceptional country and people.

The messages were all for a better future under Trump to preserve and promote all the best that Americans can achieve when allowed all the freedoms engraved in the Constitution. These are the very items that are being destroyed by Leftist Academia, Social Media and Fake News, who are brazenly intimidating and deliberately silencing anyone who has a different point of view from theirs.

That people should be judged by their actions, deeds and merit; not by their speech or the colour of their skin. That Americans should be proud of their history and accomplishments, and must judge their history not in the hindsight of 20/20 vision, but based upon the norms that pertained at any period of time.

Most of the first night speakers did not insult or demonize Joe Biden. Almost all of them tried to convey to the American people their own personal encounters with President Trump and their conclusions thereafter. One after the other, they brought forth Trump’s achievements in his current four years as compared to what Joe Biden lacked in the last 47 years.

They were contrasting the total absence of significant achievements by the entrenched political hacks of the Democrat party (creatures of the Swamp), with the spectacular achievements of a none political businessman, who has been suffering from the most virulent and sustained personal attacks against any president, his family and his supporters, in the history of the Republic.

What struck me also, was the number of youthful speakers compared to the preponderantly older ones among the Democrats. All of them had a positive and forward looking outlook, to a great future under Trump than the relentless and sickening Doomsday ones from the Democrats.

That the new-over the precipice leftist- socialist/ Communist Democrats have abandoned God, the Constitution and most of the American freedoms enshrined therein, for the illusion and insanity of a Union of Socialist States of America.

Nikki Haley – the USA’s superb UN representative – told the story of her immigrant parents from Punjab, who in spite of discrimination, were determined to achieve the American dream succeeding with their daughter, Nikki. Others told of their own encounters. Not one of them spoke of entrenched and systemic racism in the USA, unlike the repeated and nauseating mantra of the Democrats. The Democrats and their stooges in the Fake Media, very conveniently ignore the simplest truth, that if the American people are ‘systemic racists’, then WHY are hundreds of millions of people from all over the globe, attempting to come to the USA by every means possible; legal or illegal?

At the end of the day, I believe their message was empowering, hopeful and forward looking.

Three of the most powerful and all-inclusive messages of the second day came from Tiffany Trump, Nicholas Sandmann and the graceful, grateful and loyal American, Melania Trump whom the allegedly ‘enlightened’ Democrats, never stopped maligning no matter what she said or did; the same as they have been doing to her husband.

The Democrats (the supposed party of diversity) as always, showed how ‘descent and pro women’ they are, by attacking her accent (she speaks at least 5 languages) instead of addressing her comments. When Democrats go low, there is no limit to their abyss of duplicity, mendacity, hypocrisy and stupidity.

Tiffany’s message, which only addressed the media and freedom of speech, was excellent – because it was by a young woman of similar age to those misfits who are rioting, burning and pillaging in 70 Democrat controlled cities – and totally devoid of any political acrimony. Not once did she mention Biden, Democrats or any individual. She told Americans the unvarnished truth that the media is complicit in Mind Control.

Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School teenager who was falsely accused by many news outlets and personalities of racism and aggression, who took them to court and forced them to settle after he won. He decried “cancel culture” and praised Trump for calling out the media.

Sandmann said “I look forward to the day that the media returns to providing balanced, responsible and accountable news coverage. I know President Trump hopes for that, too” … “I know you’ll agree with me when I say, no one in this county has been a victim of unfair media coverage more than President Donald Trump”

The second days’ other speakers were very effective and once more, positively forward looking.

The third day had extremely interesting and outstanding people such as Dan Crenshaw, a wounded war veteran, Kayleigh McEnany, Mrs Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Jack Brewer – a black former Democrat – and many others, who demonstrated unabashed and passionate patriotism wrapped with a point of view diametrically opposite to the ‘racist America’ mantra conveyed by every Democrat speaker.

These are men and women who know first-hand, that there is no such thing as ‘systemic American racism’ – that almost every Democrat, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, implying White racism – in a Republic who has at least 65% Whites, who elected a Black (half breed) called Barack Hussein Obama TWICE to be president of the USA.

Almost all of them, Black, White, Asian and others, had absolutely no doubt that anyone willing to work hard, with determination and the constructive use of one’s intellect and dream big, will most certainly achieve in the USA, what cannot be achieved in any other country on Earth.

Mike Pence’s speech was very good; highlighting the achievements of Donald Trump in about four years and contrasting them with the dismal failures of 47 years of Biden’s political life.

What was extremely pertinent and powerful during all of the presentations were the items – in the intervals before and or between speakers – showing the relevant historical events from the birth of the Republic to the present times

The people who were staging the RNC show must have learned a great deal from the failings of the Democrat ones because it looks like each day was better choreographed than the previous one.

The fourth day had a few more people extolling the Exceptionalism of the American Republic in contradistinction with the sickening and totally false mantra in four days of Democrats, tearing both the character of the American people and their history. Ivanka Trump was of course the most eloquent, informed and passionate supporter of her father. Although Trump was rightfully extolling his achievements in four years and contrasting them with Biden’s lack of accomplishing anything of substance in 47 years; nonetheless, it was a very presidential speech but a bit too long.

On each day, CNN and the other Fake News Media ‘Fact Checked’ his exaggerations calling them lies, while utterly ignoring all his achievements. It is of course true that Trump uses hyperbolae in proclaiming his successes, but at the same time, Joe Biden and the Fake Media invariably underplay Democrat failures.

It is remarkable how the Democrat party has adopted most of the relevant characteristics of Islam:

First, use Projective Identification (accuse the would be victim of what the Muslims are intending to do to them). Democrats are accusing White Supremacists while unhinged mostly White leftists are tearing up American cities.

Second, Muslims always pretend they are the victim no matter how reality proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the aggressors. Democrats are insulting all Americans by calling the wilful destruction in 70 Democrat ruled cities, ‘peaceful demonstrations’.

Third, Muslims never actually debate their opponent. Muslims would either terrorise their adversary into silence, shout them down or alternatively shoot them down. This is exactly what leftists/ liberal/ Democrats have been doing in every high school and university in the USA as well as in the media.

Fourth, 1400 years ago, Muhammad told Muslims that “silence means consent”. This is exactly why for almost 90 days, not only were all the Democrat leaders not objecting to the mayhem but worse still, several of them were in denial (Jerrold Nadler); approving (such as AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib); totally indifferent (Nancy Pelosi) or comatose in his bunker (Joe Biden).

This is why, during four days of the Democrat Convention, not a single Democrat addressed the havoc, looting, arson and violence committed by their Brown Shirts of BLM and Antifa.

These are the very methodologies that the Democrat elites and the Fake Media have been adopting since 2015.

There is absolutely no doubt that Trump is the most unusual political leader in the history of the Republic, precisely because he is a businessman not a politician. With all his personal failings and idiosyncrasies, he must be judged entirely upon his performance. I do not need to remind Americans that until Covid-19, he had made the USA the most powerful economic and military power in the world. He is the only president who has not engaged in a new war. Because of his business acumen, the USA has had the greatest number in over 55 years of Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans in employment and away from the demeaning government charity of benefits and dole lines. Trump – the alleged misogynist and racist – put more females, White, Black and other minorities in political, legal, social, medical and military power, than any president before him.

In conclusion dear readers, fair minded decent and rational Americans, must decide on November 3rd, whether they want the lawlessness and anti-Americanism of Joe Biden and Democrats or the Law & Order and patriotism of Donald J Trump.

Whether the voters will be better off with the Democrats’ crystal clear agenda of increased taxes (to cover the hundreds of millions of dollars in looted and destroyed properties and billions to take care of illegals); insecure citizens because of defunded police; open borders with invasions by undocumented illegals who will cost American tax paying citizens hundreds of billions of dollars; attacking the 2nd Amendment; allowing the Ayatollahs of Iran to have Atom Bombs; pro-abortion (especially of Black Americans); closed businesses that will not recover because of the Democrat draconian rules to allegedly ‘protect’ Americans from Covid-19; etc. OR, Trump’s Secure borders; no illegals; not a dime subsidizing them; pro-life; no weaponised Iran; businesses to re-open and charge up the economy; functioning police forces to protect the unarmed civilians; etc.

Both the Democrats and Republicans are 100% correct in telling “We the People” that this election will most definitely determine either the destruction or the survival of the Republic.

As Niki Haley put it so beautifully quoting from Jean Kirkpatrick – US ambassador to the UN in her 1984 speech for Reagan’s re-election – “Democrats always blame America first”. Of course this is the reality while Donald J Trump always puts America first.

Haley, a first generation new immigrant recognized, that “America isn’t perfect.” However, she said “the principles we hold dear are perfect. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that even on our worst day, we are blessed to live in America.”

No need for me to add anything else except: Vote for Donald J Trump because your future and those of your children will depend on it.


IQ al Rassooli

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