Unfettered Journey

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Unfettered Journey is the story of an AI scientist who seeks to create robot consciousness and discovers the resilience of the human spirit. He travels to a small college to progress his quest, but instead finds love, a secret plot by unjust forces, and the answers to his fundamental questions – the nature of the conscious mind and free will.

This book is a profound, many-layered journey that traces struggle and resilience in an imperfect world. Travel on a spiritual quest with these endearing characters to glimpse our hopeful, possible future.

**Now chosen as November Book of the Month by Bookclubz.com **

Are you looking for a very different, cross-genre reading experience? Unfettered Journey in summary:

paints a richly imagined, realistic future world
is an action/adventure story
is a love story
is a story with a social justice theme
is a story with strong characters
asks philosophical and spiritual questions that will linger.

Start your journey now.

-Release Date: September 7, 2020
-Publisher: Chiliagon Press
-ISBN: 978-1-64886-011-9

Unfettered Journey is now available on Amazon HERE.

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One of the most anticipated novels of 2020, Unfettered Journey is a captivating and fast-paced futuristic love story rooted in hard-science, physics, and philosophy. A story about survival and resilience in an imperfect world, this speculative fiction novel is a guaranteed page-turner filled with powerful characters in a quest for meaning in their life.

Although the book explores some high-level philosophical concepts, the story is easily consumable and can be appreciated on many levels. Fellow philosophers will appreciate the attention to detail including appendices that contain three philosophical papers, on the subjects of time, ontology and the nature of mind.

Whether you want to dive deep into the complexities of philosophy and physics, or just want to read a thought-provoking love story, this book is for you. If you’re obsessed with AI and need a book to tide you over until the next season of Westworld, or simply seeking an action-packed adventure novel – Unfettered Journey has something in it for everyone. It is an existential adventure for the mind on many levels, from the thrilling action scenes to the philosophical examination of society, the universe, and our role in both, it’s a love story filled with memorable characters, and a plot that leaves you holding your breath at the dramatic conclusion.

“It’s a captivating and fast-paced futuristic love story…a future that feels eerily authentic…”

–She’s Single Magazine

“The world is as richly imagined as the Bladerunner movie.”

–Midwest Book Review

“Unfettered Journey is a futuristic and philosophical romantic adventure perfect for 2020.”

–Bookish Muses


Gary F. Bengier is a writer, philosopher, and technologist. After a career in Silicon Valley, Gary pursued passion projects, studying astrophysics and philosophy. He’s spent the last two decades thinking about how to live a balanced, meaningful life in a rapidly evolving technological world. This self-reflective journey infuses his novel with insights about our future and the challenges we will face in finding purpose. Before turning to writing speculative fiction, Gary worked in a variety of Silicon Valley tech companies. He was eBay’s Chief Financial Officer, and led the company’s initial and secondary public offerings. Gary has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an MA in philosophy from San Francisco State University. Today, he and his family live in San Francisco.



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