Urban Political Analyst Available: Failure Of Blue State And Urban Leadership Turns Major Cities Into Crime Ridden Disaster Zones

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Distraught Chicago Officials Heard on Tape Fuming Over Looting, Riots: ‘My Ward is a Sh*t Show’ . . .

. . . Walmart, Target May Not Reopen on South Side of Chicago

Anarchists Declare “Autonomous Zone” In Seattle and Coerce Local Residents to Agree to Dissolve Bonds With Seattle; Police Abandon Precinct, Antifa and BLM Occupy It

Homes Displaying American Flags Being Targeted by Arsonists in California Town

HISPANIC POLITICAL ANALYST: Julio Rivera, is an American of Puerto Rican descent, and serves as the Editorial Director for ReactionaryTimes.com. He is a featured columnist at The Washington Times, Toronto Sun, Epoch Times and The American Thinker.



Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said it would take a “Herculean effort” to keep businesses open in disadvantaged neighborhoods after looting and damage that occurred during the first weekend of protests following the death of George Floyd.

“I’ve been on calls and text messages with people all day who fought hard to bring economic development to areas of the city, only to see the Walgreens, the CVS, the grocery store, everything vanish in an eye blink,” Lightfoot said on a May 31 call with distraught aldermen. “It’s going to take a Herculean effort on the part of all of us to convince businesses not to disappear, to come back. We’re prepared to fight that fight.”

Walmart can’t confirm it will reopen its Chatham location on the city’s South Side after it was ransacked. “We are still assessing the damage,” a Walmart spokesperson told FOX Business. “No decision has been made.”


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